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Discord conversation with "do lives matter"
Posted: Posted September 11th by Grey Echelon
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I'm throwing this out there to give a better idea of who this one is but also I guess because if they're telling the truth they're one of the weird/annoying random names that bothered me the least.

EdginaToday at 8:55 PM
Uh... hi.
grey lives matterToday at 8:55 PM
hi can you tell the staff of gtx0 to unban me im do lives matter
EdginaToday at 8:56 PM
Why would I do that?
grey lives matterToday at 8:57 PM
well i dont know but ive been lurking for a while it seems like youre a big reason why the crusade against posters who are not regulars is happening
EdginaToday at 9:01 PM
I mean true, but why the fuck should I trust you with your... rather obnoxious posts? It's not that I would necessarily think you're just trolling otherwise, it's just in the context of other random names trolling lately too.
grey lives matterToday at 9:03 PM
i know how it looks but im not them im the one you found amusing
EdginaToday at 9:03 PM
So "Doganon"?
grey lives matterToday at 9:06 PM
yes im sorry for misleading you and i used to use a consistent name but ive never been making my posts just to troll im a very troubled individual with a very unique lifestyle sissy hypno was a strange way to explain it but feminizing myself really has been the most liberating thing ive done with myself
EdginaToday at 9:07 PM
And... what about your weird fetish involving dogs?
grey lives matterToday at 9:08 PM
look i would never actually touch a dog but i am extremely turned on by the idea of being raped by one
EdginaToday at 9:08 PM
Uh huh...
grey lives matterToday at 9:09 PM
look im a complete freak okay but being a freak is how i cope
EdginaToday at 9:10 PM
Well... I can't blame you for that necessarily I guess when it comes to feminizing.
But again why i should trust you?
grey lives matterToday at 9:10 PM
i dont know
but ive only been teasing you unlike the other names you dont know
what can i do to prove it?
EdginaToday at 9:16 PM
I guess you could use a consistent name for a while but I don't really have direct contact with Xhin outside of discord which, he's not here much. And Tnu seemed to appreciate you and wonder if you're someone from his past so maybe he could vouch for you. Like, I mean you're fucking weird but if you're telling the truth I guess I don't have particularly much against you personally. But I mean good luck convincing Xhin or the mods that your kind of posts should stick around.
grey lives matterToday at 9:17 PM
ill stop it with the dog stuff but whats wrong with sissy hypno and feminizing
EdginaToday at 9:17 PM
Well, I mean nothing I guess.
But your posts about women are a bigger problem.
grey lives matterToday at 9:18 PM
i was just speaking from my experiences but okay i can stop doing that too
EdginaToday at 9:18 PM
I might see what I can do then.
grey lives matterToday at 9:21 PM
i guess sometimes i get carried away with posting for fun but im not trying to be malicious
EdginaToday at 9:22 PM
Can you tell me who you were?
grey lives matterToday at 9:22 PM
sorry but no im too ashamed of what ive become
EdginaToday at 9:25 PM
Understandable I guess with the stuff you've been posting. Do I have your permission to post this conservation on the site? Because it could not only help but uh give people an idea of who they're dealing with.
grey lives matterToday at 9:26 PM
yes and i really do sympathize with tnu
EdginaToday at 9:26 PM
Again, not really the best thing you can be doing right now but clearly you can't contain your weirdness.
If what you've told me is true, I guess you could just be a weirdo getting carried away with their posts. Posting this may well look more bad than good for you but we'll see I guess.
grey lives matterToday at 9:28 PM
thank you friend :slight_smile:
grey lives matterToday at 9:45 PM
please understand im just trying to find ways to cope in this crazy world

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He was only banned for a day and only in the general forum. He can ride it out.

Posted September 11th by Xhin
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Posted September 11th by Canary Yellow
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I'll give them the benfit of the doubt I owe them at elast that much after they had my back.

Posted September 11th by tnu
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look i would never actually touch a dog but i am extremely turned on by the idea of being raped by one

Posted September 11th by poptart!
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Well I'm glad some entertainment apparently came from this if nothing else lol.

Posted September 11th by Grey Echelon
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Holy God, right?

Posted September 11th by Aviatrix
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Why aren't you disturbed Grey?

Posted September 11th by Thoughts of Q
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Why aren't you disturbed Grey?

Seen this movie at least several times before. But ya, I've been to some weird corners of the internet and seen a lot of fucking crazy bullshit and became friends with people who have been similar to all of this before in the past and frankly I'm still friends with people who even are worse/weirder than this arguably provided they didn't become too obnoxious and were fun people so you could say I'm a bit desensitized to a lot of internet weirdness provided they aren't actively harming anything which this person doesn't or at least they claim they aren't so

Not sure if I'm desensitized to random names popping up in timely manners in my threads though.

Edited September 12th by Grey Echelon
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Same h onestl y further iso lation seems to be the closest to am itigating action I can take for the thigns i'm scared of.

Posted September 11th by tnu
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