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Digital Foundry: Cuphead Switch... A Flawless Conversion?
Posted: Posted April 19th by ShadowFox08


Not too shabby

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-It's visually identical to xbone version.
-720p handheld, 1080p docked. Both locked 60fps. Some juttering on the switch version with some bosses, despite frames being 60fps.
-Xbone loads stages faster at 5 seconds vs 9 seconds for a stage on switch.
-xbone is 11.2 GB while Switch version is surprisingly 3.3GB. The slower stage loading could be due to the compressed file size of the switch.

Edited April 20th by ShadowFox08

Are you going to get the game? Sorry not sure if I asked you this before.

I recently finished it on normal mode. I will go back one day to try and get the achievements for A ranks. The art style is so nice to watch. Every boss is really unique.

One of my favorite parts about the game is that every boss or level can be beat within about two minutes. Of course you will die a lot and it will take longer, but once you start learning the patterns and getting farther each time, that makes you feel like you're getting better and drives you to keep going.

Posted April 20th by Vandy

You asked. Yeah, eventually I do want to get it this year.

It's gonna have to wait in line for my backlogs. I just impulsed bought Darksiders warmastered edition with a spinal misprint (gonna be worth something) today, and ffx/x-2 this week. Those two games will go after Octopath Traveler and Dark souls ._.

Hmm cuphead is more pick up and play, so maybe I will get it sooner than later. Or I'll wait for a sale as a reason to pick up.

Is this game harder than dark souls?

Edited April 20th by ShadowFox08

Is this game harder than dark souls?

Not for me personally. But a lot of that comes from not having to do any back-tracking to get to where you were. As soon as you die in Cuphead you are immediately back in it, and even if you had the boss 99% completed before you died it doesn't feel like you're far from getting to that point again. The first few tries are the most frustrating because you are learning the attack patterns of the boss and how you can avoid them.

With Dark Souls, when I die a few times, I start to feel the dread and slog of having to go back through the process of the same enemies again to get back to where I was. That doesn't happen with Cuphead. (boy it feels weird comparing DS with Cuphead)

Hmm cuphead is more pick up and play, so maybe I will get it sooner than later. Or I'll wait for a sale as a reason to pick up.

Yes - it's easy to pick up and get through a level or two. I did it during my busiest semester of school if that tells you anything.

Posted April 20th by Vandy

I'll give it a go this year! They might come out with a physical release. Maybe I'll wait then or during a sale. Want to beat at at least 2 games first.

That's reassuring. Yeah DS is a slog. I'M. Having trouble with the capra boss, and it would be so much easier if I didn't have to deal with the dogs and ninjas getting there first. I really hate the one to two hit kills by bosses in this game.

Posted April 20th by ShadowFox08

I personally felt like the bosses were pretty 50/50. Some were really great and the perfect kind of challenge. Others had too much randomization that often - in my experience - resulted in many unfair moments. It's things like you have to dodge attacks while jumping on platforms that are moving and generating randomly, but sometimes a platform doesn't generate where you can get to it while an attack is coming. There were too many moments in some bosses where I felt like the game put me in a position where I *had* to take damage. Which sucks when you can only take three hits before you die.

It's not all of the bosses. But some of them felt more cheap than challenging. The first "world" is great. The second I overall thought was solid, but had a few that felt cheap. Third world felt pretty much 50/50 to me.

There is a similar philosophy to Cuphead as there is to Dark Souls, in as much as the satisfaction comes from the repeated trial and error of the game. The run-and-gun levels of Cuphead can feel similar to Dark Souls in terms of backtracking. But otherwise, it's mostly just a boss rush game. More in common with Furi than Souls.

Just my take, but I also feel like Cuphead gets a little cheap in that most of the time, it's challenging because of sensory overload (also something more in common with Furi than Souls). Like I had to put the game down for months after trying against Captain Brineybeard. There are moments where you have to pay attention to a barrel at the top of the screen moving right to left, cannonballs being shot from the right, and impending attacks coming from the left. Your eyes have to be able to track movement on three different parts of the screen at once. And then sometimes a squid comes and inks up the whole screen so you can't see anything. I eventually got through it, but the act of playing Cuphead actively gave me headaches and hurt my eyes.

Obviously, some people love it. I definitely think it's worth checking out. I kinda came to hate it myself, but I don't regret buying it. And all my problems aside, I still am happy to support the developers.

I guess you could say...

...it just wasn't my Cuphead of tea....

Posted April 21st by Jet Presto

Just my take, but I also feel like Cuphead gets a little cheap in that most of the time, it's challenging because of sensory overload

That's a fair point. Though I did not have much trouble with Britneybeard, I do remember what you are talking about. I think there was usually a cue in the background that something was coming from the left which gave me time to move away from it. The worst offenders for me came from the airplane levels where lots of little things are spewing out of the boss and you have to move between them. It could be really difficult to track everything for longer than a few seconds. I cannot remember specific instances but I know there were at least two bosses that had a phase like that.

That said - yes, there can be a lot going on that you have to keep track of. There are often little enemies or projectiles that you have to deal with or dodge while you are also having to dodge an attack from the boss itself and while you're also trying not to fall or something. It's definitely fair criticism, but for me it was never too much once I was able to learn the patterns.

Edited April 21st by Vandy
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