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Red Dead Redemption II
Posted: Posted November 20th, 2018
Edited November 20th, 2018 by Agis

Anyone else playing it?

I decided to borrow an Xbox One just so I could download and play it. And boy, what a fun last few days.

I'll admit, I watched a lot of the first few chapters in a Let's Play, so most of my time has been spent exploring, hunting, and traveling. I've been immersed in it pretty much non-stop since Friday, and tomorrow I'll take a much needed break, but it's been a great game so far and I expect it to get even better.

Game of the year for sure.

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I've been playing it. I'm so busy though that I don't get a chance to play all that often. I normally don't get any more than a 3 hour block of game time and RDR2 is one of those games where you want to put in a good 5 hour session to feel like you're doing much. At my rate I only get to do maybe 2 or 3 regular or stranger missions nightly. But I also make sure not to fast travel or blow through the story. So far I'm in Chapter 3. I have no idea how many there are but my save file says I'm almost 40% complete (which I think includes the side stories/stranger things/hunting rare animals/etc.). I haven't focused on the challenges yet, I'll probably do them after the story. I did one treasure hunt and that was pretty fun. I've yet to rob anyone and I haven't shaved my face at all because I am really curious to see how big the beard gets. It's looking pretty nice and full right now. I went into the game blind and I haven't looked up anything so far but I'm 90% sure I know what the end result will be.

There are still some things I still have a minor problem with but nothing TOO bad. It also feels like getting a bounty on your head is much easier than in the first game. I swear I've put up my bandana outside of town and people still know who I am.

Posted November 20th, 2018 by Fox Forever

Yeah dude, I've been avoiding fast travel so I can keep immersed and make discoveries, but a lot of the play time ends up just going into horse riding. But I did use it for the first time yesterday just to get back to a house I passed along the way back to camp. Also used a stagecoach for the first time, in part just to try out, in part because I knew the long way to Strawberry wouldn't have anything to discover.

I'm torn on any side quest involving maps. Can't seem to figure them out -- but I definitely don't want to look it up.

I also agree that the Witness/Investigating/Wanted thing is kind of weird. There are times I'm not sure if getting away will end up with a bounty or not.

There are other minor things that I'm not sure are worth complaining about or just part of the game. Like hitting something and flying off your horse, not being able to walk through camp, etc.

Overall, I want to see how the honor system effects dialogue and plot. And ultimately how replayable the game is. I could see it being boring after one thorough playthrough (like Fallout 4), or extremely repeatable like Skyrim.

Posted November 20th, 2018 by Agis

My biggest complaint so far is that the gunplay feels deeply unsatisfying. Ordinarily the idea of 'me vs this entire town' sounds fun, but I actually find myself dreading the combat sequences the more I play. And god forbid they're on horseback. I almost feel like I'm doing something 'wrong' or missing some essential part of the combat system.

The Witness/Investigating/Wanted thing can be really wonky too.

The world is great though, and I've enjoyed most of the random encounters I've come across. Although I've accidentally spoiled a few by drawing my gun when I was just trying to target the person for conversation.

I also wish the game would stop fucking around with my loadout, seemingly at random. Its really annoying to walk away from your horse on a mission and suddenly realize you've got nothing but your revolver.

That was more complaining than I intended to do but I'm still enjoying my time with the game so far.

I swear I've put up my bandana outside of town and people still know who I am.

I did this during a particular story mission and then watched as the game wrote my name up under 'Wanted Dead or Alive' and gave me a $265 bounty. It was pretty annoying considering there was really no reason in context that they'd know who I was.

Like hitting something and flying off your horse

I feel like this is happening less and less the more I use the same horse. But maybe I'm just getting better at avoiding things.

Posted November 21st, 2018 by Count Dooku

Ordinarily the idea of 'me vs this entire town' sounds fun, but I actually find myself dreading the combat sequences the more I play

I felt like once I was able to manually target deadeye it felt a little bit better but I feel like it runs out too fast. It lasted a really long time in the last game.

The Witness/Investigating/Wanted thing can be really wonky too

There's been many times where a group of people started shooting at me and I killed them only to have a witness start running away threatening to tell the cops. I'd catch up to them and then a different witness would witness me threatening the original witness. There's also times where it was so remote there's no way anyone could have seen, yet someone does.

Although I've accidentally spoiled a few by drawing my gun when I was just trying to target the person for conversation.

I've experienced this too, so many times I just wanted to aim to talk at a dude I just saved when I accidentally aimed my gun at him somehow and he ran off scared (Left trigger is to target yet I aimed when I hit it somehow).

I also wish the game would stop fucking around with my loadout, seemingly at random.

Also the same. I'll get off my horse only to realize I have no rifle to use midway into battle.

Like hitting something and flying off your horse

The first time I did this I was stunned. You could never do it in the last game but I adapted better but the occasional rock that my horse refuses to jump over has gotten me. Weird shit still happens when you're traveling on the road and two horses slam into each other and the other person starts shooting at you like you tried to intentionally do it. I also find the greeting system to be wonky when I just say "hi" to someone and they start threatening to shoot me.

And I had one real weird run-in with the postal worker when I tried to pay off my bounty. He started screaming like I was punching him and then some bounty hunters came and pumped my body full of lead.

Posted November 21st, 2018 by Fox Forever


This is going to contain spoilers.

I finished the game the other day. So I'm going to respond to a few things that have been said so far, and list a few of the things I liked and things I disliked now that I'm pretty much fully through.

About the wanted system: Like I said, it can be really easy to get a wanted level. First reason is because it's so easy to accidentally shoot your gun when you're trying to target something, or like once when I was trying to mount my horse and instead melee'd a guy to the ground. In Tumbleweed I just ran into someone and suddenly every one in the town was shooting me. BUT, I actually did have some fun with wanted levels in Saint Denis. The alleyways and tunnels made for running away on foot from all the cops pretty fun -- luckily I had a good stockpile of cocaine gum at that point.

Like hitting something and flying off your horse

Yeah so turns out I never got more careful or better at riding the horse. It happened so frequently that I started to hate pretty much every horse I had. Near the end when I was exploring New Austin it was particularly bad, because there are so many random boulders off the trails and roads.

Now for some things I liked:

The story was really, really good. By the time Arthur contracted TB, I was pretty invested in his character, and I played it very honorably at that point, so everything fit well. While I guessed what was going to happen with his story ending and the epilogue, there were still enough surprises along the way.

The other characters were really well done as well, I ended up caring for them too. Rockstar did an excellent job with the interactions and dialogues that took place in the camp, they didn't feel like flat NPC's so much. I thought there was a good balance between being able to guess how the gang would end up, the ones who would become bad, and not knowing who would end up dying.

Random encounters were also really good. Rockstar again did a great job with writing out dialogues and adding character to the NPCs you could choose to help or not.

Enemy gangs were also pretty interesting. Particularly the Lemoyne Raiders. Having them be marauding vestiges of confederate veterans and disaffected young men was interesting. It also added a lot of depth to the Southern, post-civil war setting.

What I disliked:

The epilogue. By the time I finished the emotional end to Arthur Morgan and the gang, I just didn't feel too interested in John Marston being badgered into becoming a ranch hand. It was kind of cool to do some side-quests where he tells people about Arthur's end, but other than that not so much.

So while I had really hoped to explore Blackwater, Tall Trees, and New Austin much later in the game, the fact that you could only do it after Arthur dies and John takes over was a real bummer. And there wasn't much to explore besides the depressing Cholera-plagued Armadillo and the doomed town of Tumbleweed.

I also explained in my first post about how much I liked hunting, getting pelts, and making upgrades to the camp and clothes. Well, the fact that camp upgrades make very little noticeable difference in the camp and don't seem to matter once the gang goes into decline just struck me as disappointing. For the legendary animals, two of them are only accessible in the Epilogue when I didn't even care about building up anything. Also really disappointing.

There were some settings that I thought could have gotten more love. Like the Appalachia-like East, and the snowy mountainous regions to the North (in addition, of course, to New Austin). But most of the story just seemed to be in the Plains, the South, and a swamp.

So yeah, I enjoyed the hell out of it, and I feel like I spent a lot of time exploring and doing the side-stuff so I got a good, in depth play of the game. But I don't feel any desire, really, to do it again or play it any other way.

Posted November 29th, 2018 by Agis

Let me know whoever wants to posse up online.

Posted December 4th, 2018 by Agis

Normally I would love to, but Smash is coming out in 3 days and I will probably be doing that.

Posted December 4th, 2018 by Fox Forever

What, you can't do some red dead until then?

Posted December 4th, 2018 by Agis

I haven't started the online portion yet and I probably have no time to play until then.

Posted December 4th, 2018 by Fox Forever
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