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Danpyr worldbuilding
Posted: Posted Thursday by linguistcat

Since almost all the information about my Danpyr is from before I moved them to a space fantasy setting, I'm going to try and consolidate all the current info I have on them here. Any information about Danpyr that contradicts what I post here is considered no longer canon.

In the universe that I set the danpyr currently, the stars are actually godlike entities with personalities and mannerisms. To travel from one star system to another, the travelers need permission to leave the system by the first star, and permission to enter the second system by its star. This is mediated by priests and priestesses of various species.

The star the danpyr's planet orbits, Daneth, could be said to have a patient temperament. It does not send off flairs often and does not vary much in its light output. It doesn't have many strong connections to other stars but also has few other stars that dislike it strongly enough to bar the danpyr from their realms. Danpyr do have trouble with energy from highly variable stars or strongly energetic ones, however, so they mostly avoid traveling to those systems without having alternate sources of energy or protection from the excess energy. Danpyr don't get most of their energy directly from starlight but it does affect their health, much like how humans need to specifically ingest vitamin D if they don't get enough sunlight.

Danpyr have three sexes, all of which are needed to reproduce, but not all needing to be present at the same time. As a quirk of their sex determination system, volla (most similar to females in binary sex set ups, carries offspring) naturally outnumber derda and neri (two different near-male equivalents) combined.

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Look forward to reading more!

Posted Friday by elemtilas

I had actually written some other things that for whatever reason didn't post :\

Anyway, the danpyr homeworld has plant equivalents in the form of biocrystals that use their star's light and elements in the environment to grow, as well as storing energy for later. While most creatures on the danpyr homeworld can derive some energy from their home star's light directly, they have an easier time processing it from the biocrystal plants, or other creatures. Most creatures on the planet also only need to ingest small amounts of matter, unless they are actively growing or healing from a wound or illness, or carrying young. Microorganisms and other decomposers are the exception to this and primarily gain energy through breaking chemical bonds.

Danpyr draw energy from a variety of sources, but when young, pregnant or healing prefer to ingest "animal" proteins. In a sense, they are omnivores but on a physical level they are obligate carnivores that have the ability to eat other things. Danpyr that travel off world and especially out of system can have more varied diets or much more restricted ones depending on local flora and fauna.

Posted Sunday by linguistcat
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