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Anything that goes on in your life can go here.
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Dad is in hospital, he's had a heart attack. He is 65, 66 in March
Posted: Posted January 19th
Edited January 20th by British_Person

I hope he survives. My dad is a good person. The last time I saw him he was sleeping in his bed, my mum said he is still sleeping.

This is a very scary time for me. What advice do you all have for me?

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I’m very deeply sorry for you. The only thing I can suggest is to pray and ask others to pray for him. My grandpa also suffered a heart attack a little more than a month ago but fortunately it was a mild one, but he had been suffering in many other ways and my mom thinks that he will have another Amherst attack sometime soon since he already had a pacemaker and is very very weak healthwiss.

For medical purposes make sure that the cardiovascular surgeon that is treating him happens to be very knowledgable about the heart and DEFINITELY insert a pacemaker into his heart CAREFULLY. And make sure that he gets pallable care if they do let him be outpatient after staying ICU for an extended period of time, otherwise he will end up in hospice if he doesn’t make it out of the hospital. It’s a very sad and scary time. Make sure that he has morning AND nightnurses 24/7 if they do excuse him from the hospital after being treated. He will need to have nurses live with and monitor him all day long to make sure that this doesn’t happen again, since he’s a senior aged citizen and is very weak based on what you e said here. This is the type of nursecare that I get all day and all night long with nurses that come during certain shifts. He might need to be equipped to a feeding tube in case there are any digestion related problems within his heart, if that’s the case tell him don’t worry, I’ve been on a feeding tube for more than five years now and it’s not giving me a problem with my nutritional diet. To prevent him from any sort of depression that he may have after waking up and realizing that he’s in pain and just had a brutal hard attack, have the doctor give him conpressanta medicine although make sure that it doesn’t have any heart attacks or interfering with the other main medicines that the doctor is giving him. Have him watch tv or check his phone or something to help him get his mind off this stress. They should have everything that he may need. Trust the doctors with this.

I’ll be praying for him and hoping that he survives and gets treated well and sent home feeling a lot better possibly even back to how he was before he suffered brutal heardtattack.

Posted January 19th by Weid man

Thanks for the advice.

But unfortunately my Aunty woke me up early this morning to tell me that my dad has died.

This is a very horrible time for me. I was hoping he would live until around 90 at least.

He only lived to 65, nearly 66. He never even lived to be a proper old man. He never even lived to see any possible grandchildren.

I'm 28 years old, 29 in April. This has been horrible for me. I don't have a girlfriend either.

My dad died in the hospice.

Edited January 20th by British_Person

I’m so sorry to hear this, I was hoping they he could fight off this sickness but unfortunately he didn’t and died at such a young age. I’ll be praying for you both and everyone else who’s affected by his loss. This is so terrifying it makes me sad and I want to cry. Losing a close family member is so heartbreaking.

Posted January 20th by Weid man

Thanks for your condolences Weid Man.

Some of my relatives have lived until their late 80s or 90s so this is a horrible shocking experience.

Posted January 20th by British_Person

What advice do you all have for me?

random name.... so i cant really tell if this is serious or not. but my advice would to be sire a son and name him after your father, that would be a nice gesture.

Posted January 20th by Brandy

Brandy, this is very serious. Why are you making jokes about it? You need to learn from Logan Paul's mistake

Posted January 20th by British_Person

what did i say that was a joke?

Posted January 20th by Brandy

I don't want to name my future kids after my dad. I want to remember my dad for who he is.

Posted January 20th by British_Person

why do you think that was a joke

Posted January 20th by Brandy

You said “random name.... so i cant really tell if this is serious or not.“

Posted January 20th by Weid man

Weid man are your parents still alive?

Posted January 23rd by British_Person

Yes as are all of my grandparents although the grandpa on my mom’s side has been having major heart issues lately, he had to have a pacesmaker inscribed in him but that made him completely paralyzed and it’s a miracle that the medicine that they gave him right after restored full function of his body’s limjs. He just suffers another minor heart attack last week which he has been getting a lot of lately. They moved to Oregon so if he does happen to die o don’t think that I’ll be able to go because I’m totally ill in here with an infected stoma that gets mucus and whit clogged in it and lakes it shrink and get all dried up which means that I have to do breathing treatments via (Orion) nebulizer to clear everything out.

If my parents were opt or dead then I’d be dead too because I’m basically living in a nursing home but at home since giebr you shit care.

My parents are alive and doing well medically. Sister is too, she just got married last week and is living in an apartment with her husband now, which means that I’m living with my parents and the nurses who they assign me to have daily and nightly shits. Fortunately the newest nurse that they found is my age level and he loves gaming (Zelda especially), so he’s trying to help me clear the staff ghosts in 150cc time trials for msrio kart 8 deluxe but they’re so fucking hard to beat.

Posted January 23rd by Weid man

If my parents were opt or dead then I’d be dead too because I’m basically living in a nursing home but at home since giebr you shit care.

dont they have life insurance? even if you are incapable of handing hte funds yourself, im sure they have a blind trust set up or something. i am assuming all this btw, but i figure u come from a family of means based on what i just read

Posted January 23rd by Brandy

I messed up with a few words there. I meant to say if my parents were POOR then I would be dead because medaid (free insurance to the poor) is shitcare for cases like nf2. Fortunately with my parents vast wealth I can afford to have anything i need immediately and insurance companies won’t deny that because they’re getting all of the money that they want. But that’s still not a cure for nf2 and I’m bound to suffer more in the upcoming years and days. You need to have a+ quality healthcare and insurance plans to send you to the best doctors because trial and error won’t work cause once the nerves get damaged via tumor growth then they won’t be able to restore any lost function such as hearing? Talking, moving limbs that got paralyzed, and vision too; I know of some people who are blind from this because tumors grew up there optic nerves and damaged/paralyzed them and have to read Braille. My right side of the face is completely paralyzed but thanks to the help of my left one it somehow is able to signal and give help to my right eyelid to blink. I know some people whose eyelids won’t open because the facial nerve got damaged and paralyzed, meaning that they are totally blind in those eyes by default because they can’t ppen them up and blink them like everyone else can. Fortunately I’m on a great insurance plan that’s sending me to the best doctors here at UCSD because I can afford all of the shit that I need (medicine, nursing, etc). I have nurses here at my house everyday and night monitoring me because my body is totally crippled in every possible way. If my parents were poor I wouldn’t be able to afford everything that I need medically( which means that I would suffer and be dead he now with the probable cause being getting pneumonia or dying in my sleep because my larynx may close up. MANY people with nf2 have died in their sleep because they couldn’t receive the best possible healthcare plan because insurance companies deny them )they do for the vast majority of the patients who have nf2 because they don’t want to have to help pay for all of the expensive surgeries needed). One person died four years ago and he was denied healthcare to where I used to have my operations at, just because of the fact that his parents aren’t rich and the insurance companies didn’t want to help pay for all of the excess surgeries that this patient had and was suffering from, he used to be a hardcore gamer too until he lost complete functions of his limbs and couldn’t hold anything (master chief was his profile pic on facebook). In short insurance companies are greedy negligent assholes who just want money. If I was trump I would make it mandatory that insurance companies must pay and give the excess support they the nf3 patient(s) need and if they deny them and the patient happens to suffer and die from it then I would order capitol punishment on the insurance coonsies part being crucified alive in jail and recorded and shared on YouTube so that they will get revenge done to them for being negligent and letting someone die from nf2 because they don’t want to lose money. Insurance companies don’t need so much money, they act as if they do. They’d have more money if they didn’t choose to insure illegal immigrants who don’t deserve it at all. Let THEM differ and die for entering nations illegally, save the patients who have nf2.

Posted January 23rd by Weid man

Weid have you or your parents looked into stem cell treatment or DNA rescripting?

Posted January 23rd by Agis

I used i he part of a case study at national institute of health where this government agencies tests people who have nf2 and all sorts of other disabilities, they do all sorts of tests possible. The childrrn’s Tumor foundation is currently looking into stem cell research and dna testing and all sorts of causes and trials so that they can try to find a cure for this terminal disease as well as possibly restoring lost nerve function vis gene manipulations. But I’m too ill now to go anywhere outside of Southern California and now my larynx got clogged so I’m at home all the time having breathing treatments done every day to try and clear out the mucus and infections. I do to go to chemotherapy at UCSD every two weeks where they take my urine sample and inject s drug called avastin in it which has been known for killing tumors for some people and it’s worning for me fortunately. I wanted to be a candidate for avastin eight years ago but my. Eurosurgeob then said that it’s unsafe for young patients and had side effects. I told him that I’m willing to take the risk even if he doesn’t want me to do it, I don’t want to follow a medical creed. I am responsible for my own body, not the doctor. There shouldn’t be rules in the hospital to follow. Anyway I’m trying to look into more charitable organizations to raise funds for nf research like the chomdten’s Tumor foundation is doing and has been for the last two decades or so.

Posted January 24th by Weid man

That's too bad. I've recently heard about some amazing things that have been done in Panama using stem cells, where there's not much regulation against it as in the US. I've heard that Japan is now coming out with some things too.

There's been news that China has already performed a couple dozen cases using DNA rescripting or whatever, which is helpful for diseases that are genetic or particularly ingrained. Don't really understand it, but seems like there's a lot of exciting treatments coming out in the not too distant future that I hope you can use to extend your life and improve its quality.

Posted January 24th by Agis
Posted January 24th by Agis

They do these research studies of all types in America for all disorder such . Embryonic stem cell research is legal in here in America, but many people oppose it because it costs so much taxapayers money but even moreso its a form of abortion, killing the embryos in order to use their stem cells for research, and the religious right will do whatever they can to get this prohibited.

Posted January 24th by Weid man
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