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Current backlogged games this gen?
Posted: Posted January 4th by ShadowFox08

What are you playing now and what games are backlogged for your current gen consoles?

Currently almost done with WoL in Smash. I have

-Pokemon Let's Go. Honestly regret buying
-Dark Souls
-DB Xenoverse 2

And my friend got me octopath Traveler after I got him smash for Christmas.

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Backlog from this gen is way too big right now honestly, but my winter backlog I'd say is Red Dead Redemption 2, Smash, Breath of the Wild, and Octopath (I also got it for xmas but from my brother whom I got Skyrim). In Smash I need just 3 more challenges, 50 some more Classic runs, and like 45 Spirits left (minus the two special ones I can't get yet). I haven't even started Octopath because I'm hopelessly addicted to Smash atm. I still have like 150 some moons left in Odyssey and was like halfway done with Mario + Rabbids.

Posted January 4th by Fox Forever

for the 3ds:

pokemon moon
Ocarina of Time
Link between words
Fire emblem

(lets be honest I really dont think I will be interested in picking these up again)



I am playing as Miles and this game is starting to become a chug fest. I dont regret purchasing it (got it on sale) and while it was fun playing as spiderman for the first few hours, the initial magical feeling of it has long passed.

Outside of the web-slinging (which can be some what clunky at time imo), this game was extremely over hyped.

Posted January 4th by S.O.H.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild
Super Mario Odyssey
Smash Bros. Ultimate

...yeah, I still didn't even play Yooka Laylee.

Posted January 4th by mariomguy

Mario Tennis Aces
Hyrule Warriors (close to finishing or getting remotely close to 100%. Started in August).

PC: Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

All of which have been overshadowed by Smash Ultiamte, or my lack of energy (been tired pretty hard since December started).

Although not a backlog, I need to get back to streaming again.

Posted January 4th by Forte Lambardi

Switch: Mario Odyssey (will finally be picking that one up next week), Yooka-Laylee (still don't know when I'm picking that one up), and Smash (still haven't even played World of Light or any of the Spirit Board yet)

Edited January 14th by Black Yoshi

Still have to finish Horizon Zero Dawn and Wolflenstein the new order.

Then I have God of War(PS4) and Wolfenstein 2 to get to.

And then there is the enormous backlog that is the rest of my games and consoles I have to finish or even get to.

I still have Switch and 3DS games to play.

Posted January 5th by Q

Although not a backlog, I need to get back to streaming again.

What games did you stream? Did you have regular viewers? I tried streaming here a few times but found it wasn't worth it when I often had 0 viewers.

Posted January 5th by Vandy

What games did you stream?

It was largely just one game: Hyrule Warriors. I on had maybe 3 or 4 regular viewers becasue I refused to do the whole facecam/mic thing is my guess (and not streaming the latest and greatest).

Not going to lie, I am happy with what I got (which is probably gone now due to my lack of streaming). It's damn discouraging, but you have to keep at it is what I found.

Edited January 5th by Forte Lambardi

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pokemon Ultra Moon, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time #D, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Disgaea 5. Plus a ton of games on Steam and some stuff from previous generations.

I don't really play video games as often as I used to, so it's taking me a while to work through them all.

Posted January 6th by Axem Great Water

Red Dead Redemption 2 and Persona 5

Posted January 14th by tnu

Just got back into Lets Go Eevee this weekend and I'm at St Anne. I'm trying to multitas between this and Doom (which I also just started playing on Friday).

Posted January 14th by ShadowFox08

UPDATE: As of tonight I've 100%'d Odyssey, thanks to a dear friend of mine who loaned me her copy.

Posted January 14th by Black Yoshi

UPDATE: As of tonight I've 100%'d Odyssey, thanks to a dear friend of mine who loaned me her copy.

Very nice. I've still gotta do that.

I just "finished" Smash Bros. You can't truly "finish" it but I've unlocked every character, finished the adventure mode, played classic mode with every character, done century Smash with every character, gotten every spirit (1300/1302 minus the two special lets go Pokémon ones since I don't have the game), and unlocked all the challenges. I even got to Elite Smash with at least one character. I consider that to be as good a place as any to consider it "finished" though I will keep playing.

I started up Octopath since then continuing off the Demo I played back in the summertime. I may trade off between that and Red Dead.

Posted January 14th by Fox Forever
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