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We're gonna need a bigger boat.

Do you think cosmic armor superman stands a chance against the presence? I was recently reading about cosmic armor superman and recalled how you once said that he's more powerful than superman prime one million and I think I understand why now. But from what I have read there is actual debate on whether or not cosmic armor superman stands a chance against the presence. What do you think? If you're still into this sort of thing that is.

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Are you fishing around to see who blocked you?

Anyway, my conclusion is that the Presence wins. The Thought Robot is the physical representation of a logic argument that is written on the empty page represented by the Primal Monitor. While the Presence is not included in the Final Crisis storyline, it is clear that Morrison positioned the Thought Robot as a creation in the DC omniverse. Morrison doesn't explicitly reference a specific creator. However, as part of the DC omniverse, the only power that fundamental would be the Presence. Either the Primal Monitor is an aspect of the Presence, or the Primal Monitor is the petri dish which hosts the germ of reality produced by the Presence. Either way, the Thought Robot is inferior to the infinite potential of the blank page.

Posted April 4th by Cruinn-Annuin

It's more like I'm trying to have actual conversations that aren't about things that cause me dumb anxiety. I already knew you didn't since you actually responded to me before. If anything I wanted to make just a little conversation with you and ask a question that I wondered about.

That makes enough sense I suppose. I guess people felt like if the primal monitor was the actual root of original creation and the presence had nothing to do with it's level of reality thought robot/cosmic armor superman may have a chance. I think the reason I ended up on this was because I watched the green lantern animated series (which was actually decent imo) which prompted me to look up more stuff in the dc universe.

Edited April 4th by KnokkelMillennium
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