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Crackdown 3 opening Cinematic
Posted: Posted February 6th
Edited February 6th by Q

I dont know about you guys but anything with Terry Crews has to be awesome.

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I also like Terry Crews.

However - I cannot help but think that the gameplay always looks stiff from this game.

Posted February 6th by Vandy

I agree, and it doesn't look that much better than the other 2 crackdown games. But it will be available on GamePass so i'll be playing it. Here is some gameplay from IGN incase anyone is interested in how it looks:

Posted February 6th by Q

how long has this game been in development for? It feels like a decade.

Posted February 6th by S.O.H.

considering Crackdown 2 came out in 2010, it has probably been close to a decade for the development of CD3.

Posted February 6th by Q


Time just flew by. I never played the first to but I heard great things. iirc people only bought one of the games because it included a demo or soemthing for a halo game?

Posted February 6th by S.O.H.

The original crackdown included access to the Halo 3 beta, which was a big reason most people bought the game. It was a pretty fun game with the ability to jump super high, pick up cars, etc but the guns were never very interesting from what I remember. I didn't play the sequel.

Posted February 6th by Vandy

Thats neat. Ive only played through the Halo series once and I remember the hype all too well. (I played it for the for time when the MCC came out) Is halo 3 the one where the aliens are sending a signal which says "REGRET" or something like that?

tbh of all the games I found ODST to be the best. (I have yet to play Reach though or 5)

Posted February 6th by S.O.H.

Speaking of the first Crackdown game, it’s currently being offered for free up until Crackdown 3’s launch date Feb 15th:

Posted February 6th by Q

Is halo 3 the one where the aliens are sending a signal which says "REGRET" or something like that?

That's Halo 2. Regret was the prophet that went to Earth before he was supposed to and he was sending a message back to his superior to forgive him. Or you may remember him as the guy in the floating chair that you punch to death.

Posted February 6th by Vandy

Halo 2's ending got alot of undue hate. I personally liked the cliff hanger and even though it was unplanned, I felt it setup the beginning of Halo 3 perfectly. I think it also setup Cortana's decent into rampancy very well. IMO Halo 2 is the best Halo game in the entire series and I always do better at Halo 2 modes in the MCC multiplayer than all the others.

Edited February 7th by Q

Halo 2's master-stroke was to accidentally portray Thel 'Vadam, the Arbiter, as the sympathetic protagonist; confronted with the sheer, unbridled dogma of his relentless ideology, with its self-destructive tendencies and the core betrayal of its practitioners, he is forced to come to terms with this revelation. For a spess muhreen pew-pew military FPS in space, it was pretty good.

That Halo 3 then relegated him slightly, and never really returned to those themes, was a bit of disappointment, as much as I think Halo 3 is still the technical peak of the Halo series.

Posted February 7th by Arch

If you watch the developer commentary of Halo 2, they talk about how their goal with the Arbiter was simply to expand the Covenant and give the player greater insight into what they were. Once they did that, they felt like it was appropriate to step back in Halo 3 now that the player has sufficient context. And from that perspective they're sort of right, but it ignores how interesting Arbiter's character is. Relegating the Arbiter to just a side kick is a disappointment.

The worst crime is that you don't get more bro moment with Half-Jaw though.

Posted February 7th by The Bandit

I agree, I do miss seeing the arbiter’s story and I was glad to see him return in Halo 5. I hope he plays more of s major role in Halo infinite.

Posted February 7th by Q
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