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Core files upgraded to 2011 database functions across the board
Posted: Posted September 22nd, 2018 by Xhin

This should fix whatever broken things this update caused:
I tried to make everything accurate, but it's possible that some things might be newly broken. If they are let me know.

As of this update, the site no longer has code from 2009, it now has code from at least 2011. Which is still objectively terrible. I'm going to do a couple things to remedy this:

  • The site files need a pretty deep cleaning. I need to separate out the files we actually use from the ones we're not.

  • Once that's done, I'm going to try to upgrade the site's database code to the 2014 functions. They're not as great as the 2018 functions, but they're glitch-free and should solve a bunch of our resident issues that occasionally spring up.

    Once the site files are deep-cleaned it should be a lot easier to recreate them, which will finally give me the ability to change the newpost / newreply scripts and should fix another round of issues as well.

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