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"Fear is the foundation of most governments." - John Adams

"My family is more important than my party." - Zell Miller

Congressional and State Elections -- How is it where you are?
Posted: Posted April 8th
Edited April 8th by Agis

With congressional elections to be held almost exactly 6 months from now, what races in your state are you following? What candidates are you supporting? Are you getting involved at all in the primaries or campaigns? Besides ones in your state, are there any races you'll be following closely?

For me, I'm originally from Michigan and I'm still registered in Michigan's third district. We have two incumbent democratic senators who are not likely to be knocked out -- Debbie Stabenow is a very senior Democrat, and last year I was horrified at the idea of Kid Rock taking her seat, but he's not running after all, and things don't look good for insurgent rightists anymore.

In the House, I'm represented by Steven Amash, a Tea Party Republican who has drawn the ire of the Right for vocally opposing many of Trump's policies (So he makes it into the Huffpost), and often votes with the Democrat minority as a protest against what he sees as anti-constitutionalist moves. The guy is on the outs, so I'm interested in his democratic contenders, a reverend and a teacher. Both seem rather progressive, but the better candidate seems to be Catherine Albros, a teacher and small business owner.

The governor race is very interesting. Vying for democratic nominee is Gretchen Whitmer and Shri Thenadar (writing according to memory). Both very progressive policy-wise, one establishment and the other not. I'll support either, but I prefer Whitmer because of her public service experience.

I'll donate what I can following the primaries in the Summer. But otherwise my only involvement will be my humble absentee ballot.

Other races I'll be watching is Ted Cruz vs. Beto for Senate seat in Texas, and Paul Ryan vs Ironstache in Wisconsin (in addition to Wisconsin's governor race). Both of these races seem impossible, but if the 20 percent swing we've been seeing in special elections up till now holds, it may just happen.

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My Congressional primary (IL-16) had quite a few progressive Dem candidates who were awesome on most of the issues I care about. Sara Dady won, which I’m ok with even though I didn’t vote for her. Hopefully we get Adam Kinzinger out of there.

Posted April 13th by pacman

Pacman, how did you feel about the outcome of the primary for governor? I personally was pulling for Biss. Pretty sad state of affairs when it's a billionaire vs. billionaire in the general election.

Posted April 14th by Temerit

California might split into multiple states soh.

Posted April 14th by Weid man
Weid man
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