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Feed the back.
Xhin is listening.

A. User vs User

1. Report a post or make a post in complaints in general.

2. The mod team will get a look at it and someone on the mod team will make a decision.

3. This decision can be contested by the complained-against user (see route #B) or by another mod (see route #C)

B. User vs Mod

1. Make a complaint here:
2. Someone on the Content Team will weigh in and make a decision here either way -- unless they're the mod that's being complained about.

3. This decision can be contested by route #C.

C. Mod vs Mod

Follow the Moderator Team Proposal System for this:

[Proposal System]

Summary: The final decision goes to a consensus of all moderators. I break ties.

D. Staff vs Staff

If you're a non-mod staff member you have the privilege of using this system instead of the user vs mod system (though you can still do that if you want).

The policy for this is this guide:

[Settling Staff vs Staff disputes]

Summary: The complainer must try to gain support from other members of staff -- if they can't within 72 hours, the complaint is rejected. Otherwise they wait a week and there has to be a clear majority on either side from the staff. If the results are too close, I'll break the tie.

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