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Community Movie Night
Posted: Posted August 31st
Edited August 31st by Aviatrix
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Hey friends!

So this is an idea that has been tossed around in the Discord for a while, and I would like to invite those of us who don't frequent the Discord to share in the fun.

We're going to host a GT community movie night. This Sunday, at 7:45 PM Central time, a Netflix Party link will be shared in the discord under the 'Movies and TV' room. . All are welcome to join in for a fantastic, joyful evening with your friends from GT.

Feel free to suggest a film in the Netflix catalog for consideration. Once we have a good amount of replies, I will make a separate poll to vote for the movie we will watch.

I'd like to do this once a month. Looking forward to it!

Edit- My movie Nomination: The Old Guard.

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Would totally join but being in the UK my timezone would make it impossible (especially now that schools are re-opening in the UK so I actually physically have to go to work which means getting up earlier to get ready). As well there are differences between UK and USA Netflix due to broadcasting rights and whatnot which would probably at some point get in the way even if the timezone didn't.

Just wanted to show my support though because I think it's a great idea.

Posted August 31st by Moonray
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If I aint doing anything (who am I kidding I have no life) Im down.

Posted August 31st by S.O.H.
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We should all watch Lion King: The Remakeboot.

Edited August 31st by mariomguy
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I might be able to get netflix embeds working in the stream feature -- if so, we could legitimately use the stream feature for its intended purpose and talk about the movie while watching it.

Posted August 31st by Xhin
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@SOH, Great! Nominate a film.

@Xhin, Netflix party has a chat :) Also, nominate a film.

Edited September 1st by Aviatrix
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@Xhin, Netflix party has a chat

Yeah but it's probably not right next to the movie like it would be here.

Posted September 1st by Xhin
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Posted September 1st by poptart!
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It is actually! Just like Twitch, for example.

Posted September 1st by Aviatrix
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Gerald's Game
A Serbian Film

Posted September 1st by poptart!
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Hard to Be a God (meme answer pls don't)
Mandy (not meme answer, still a brutal movie)

Posted September 1st by Canary Yellow
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