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Comfy YouTubers
Posted: Posted March 22nd by 6ujujmie6kier
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I have compiled a list of my favorite comfy YouTubers for you to try out in these moderately-pre-apocalyptic times.

- Forgotten Weapons (random guns n history)
- Paul Harrell (in-depth no-bullshit gun talk)
- DemolitionRanch (guy shoots stuff)
- Civvie 11 (mostly random '90s FPS games)
- John Wolfe (mostly horror games)
- Kruggsmash (Dwarf Fortress - HIGHLY recommend his Honeystoker series)
- Karl Jobst (speedrunning news and history)
- Sseth Tzeentach (based & redpilled reviews of dank games)
- Settled (Oldschool RuneScape good boy)
- J1mmy (more OSRS)
- Apollo Legend (speedrunning news and drama)
- EZScape (speedrunning misc.)
- Ahoy (gaming documentaries)
- GVMERS (more gaming documentaries)
- Jacob Geller (pop media analysis)
- Curio (pop media analysis)
- OneyPlays (based voice actor/animator retards play vidya games)
- Frederick Knudsen (weird internet documentaries)
- michaelcthulhu (welder/fabricator makes usable full-size replicas of fantasy/video game swords)
- Larry Bundy Jr. (random video game trivia)
- A Jolly Wangcore (Half-Life mods)
- ymfah (Elder Scrolls/Soulsborne/etc. challenge runs)
- GDC (games design lectures and presentations)
- Tedious (OSRS - specifically recommend his Generate Task series)
- all This Is How You Don't Play and DSP Tries It videos from dozens of different YTers.

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Internet Historian
Mister Metokur
Lawsplaining the Interwebs (Rekieta Law)

Posted April 6th by Axem Great Water
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I was going to make a list like this too. Good thread!


  • Men of the West -- middle-earth theories, lore
  • Numberphile -- math
  • Gerald Celente -- economic trends
  • Voices of the Past -- weird historical accounts
  • BazBattles -- historical tactics
  • ChessNetwork -- same but chess. Interesting channel even if you don't play chess.
  • LockPickingLawyer -- lockpicking
  • Chris Ramsay -- similar, but puzzle boxes
  • Omeleto -- short films with interesting premises.
  • Modern History TV -- medieval history. a lot of interesting questions get answered here.
  • CinemaSins/Tvsins -- points out flaws in movies and tv shows respectively
  • Primer -- biology/economic simulations
  • Exploring Alternatives -- off-grid handcrafted houses.
  • vsauce/vsauce2
  • Primitive Technology -- guy builds all kinds of stuff using only stone age tools he made himself


  • Steve Wallis -- stealth camping
  • shiey -- illegal expeditions
  • bald and bankrupt -- legal but interesting expeditions
  • Yes Theory -- can't stand these guys normally but the "drop someone off in a random country with no money and also don't tell them what country it is" series is great.
  • Killem -- complete madness
  • GeoWizard -- crossed the entirety of wales in a straight line


  • Jrose11 -- complete insanity (pokemon challenges)
  • GrayStillPlays -- gaming. tends towards sandbox games.
  • Summoning Salt -- very very long videos that explain the intricacies of speedrunning world records
  • pannenkoek2012 -- a lot of interesting SM64 technical videos besides the "but first let's talk about parallel universes" thing.

    misc real world lore

  • RealLifeLore
  • Aperture
  • thoughty2
  • Geographics
  • Trey the explainer
  • Sam O'Nella Academy -- a bit funnier than the other ones

    there's more but apparently i'm subscribed to stuff i hate and don't subscribe to things i like

  • Edited April 6th by Xhin
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    People have been asking me what I'm watching during the quarantine stuff started, but I haven't really watched television. I tend to watch YouTube. I'm sure many of the channels I subscribe to and genuinely pay attention to will not be surprising.

    WISECRACK - Doing some deep dives into movies (and sometimes shows and games, but mostly movies), but with a philosophical slant. Videos tend to be like, "The Philosophy of Christopher Nolan" or specific movies.

    VIDEOGAMEDUNKEY - Don't always find him funny, but when he is, he's pretty hilarious. His tastes also seem to line up fairly well with mine when he actually reviews games.

    T1J - One of many "individual" YouTubers who does sort of a vlog-style rambling on a certain political or social topic.

    SARAH Z - Same as above.

    KAT BLAQUE - Same as above.

    SOME MORE NEWS - Cody from Cracked doing a news show with the biting attitude that it frankly merits. But, definitely a thing for progressives.

    POP CULTURE DETECTIVE - Video essays deconstructing masculinity in media. Definitely one of the channels that I find most influential in my own writing, and wish I could do.

    PHILOSOPHY TUBE/CONTRAPOINTS/HBOMBERGUY - They all do slightly different things, but the overlap is pretty clear. They do long-form video essays countering a lot of popular or often cited arguments, particularly from conservative pundits like Ben Shapiro, or the "alt-right." But the first two in particular have definitely a fair amount of production value and have added theatrical elements to make them more visually interesting. HBomberGuy also deviates into more nerdy things, too. He's the first person I've seen argue that Dark Souls 2 is actually kinda more fun than the first Dark Souls by pointing out a lot of things I kinda was feeling. Granted, he takes 90 minutes to make the case, but still.

    LINDSAY ELLIS - Video essayist tackling movies. She just did a great video about Tom Hooper's CATS that was everything I could have hoped for. Has a deep knowledge of film and musical theater. She's done a bunch of ones about Disney movies, and really broke down why the live action Beauty and the Beast was garbage, and made one of the most intriguing videos about why the Hobbit trilogy ended up a disaster. (Also did a really cool series about queer theory utilizing Michael Bay's Transformers series.)

    GAME MAKER'S TOOLKIT - Just an interesting examination to game design. No soy boy stuff on this one!

    FILMJOY - The channel that hosts Movies With Mikey, it's just a great channel for people who want to like movies. I like folks like Lindsay Ellis or Folding Ideas because they can explain the craft of filmmaking and when a movie is bad on that front, but I can't get into CinemaSins type stuff because it's so shallow in its criticism. And I don't really think nit-picking every single thing, including having to make stuff up or intentionally misrepresent a film, is particularly funny or engaging. I do appreciate FILMJOY because as the name suggests, it's just movie lovers who talk about movies that they want to like. Kinda refreshing.

    DEMI ADEJUYIGBE - I think he was a writer on The Good Place, but he just does a bunch of funny videos.

    BRIAN DAVID GILBERT - I happen to just love Polygon's video production team, and BDG is the best there is, frankly. He and his sister make some really funny and clever videos. And the right kind of weird to tickle my fancy.

    AURALNAUTS - Goofy DJ-nerds with a Star Wars obsession. They famously cut all the prequels and original trilogy into new films by dubbing over them to make new plots. Pretty fun.

    Not a lot of just, like, quick and fun channels, I suppose. Kinda skew "thinky" with all the video essayists.

    Posted April 6th by Jet Presto
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    I have her subscribed. She's pretty good! Not one of my top picks because misogyny but her review of the lotr films was pretty hilarious.

    Posted April 6th by Xhin
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    No metaljesusrocks ?????

    Sad day for gametalk

    Posted April 6th by S.o.h.
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    I'm glad that this took off.

    Seconding Internet Historian, LockPickingLaywer, Summoning Salt, Lindsay Ellis.

    VideoGameDunkey kinda irritates me. He seems like a legitimately cool dude and, like Jet said, has some incredible moments of humor, but I just find his take on game reviewing to be so off-set to mine that I can't really jive with him on a critical level. The random shit that he does (like the entire saga of trying to prove that Microsoft is a bunch of ants) is gold, though.

    Posted April 6th by rhtw46u
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    Oh, there's also The Right Opinion, who does documentary-style videos on other YouTubers.

    Posted April 6th by Axem Great Water
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    Not entirely sure what would fall under comfy for who and why and I don't really have any of my subscriptions as a general suggestion or any I feel like mentioning because basically all of them have either annoyed me at some point, they're hardly memorable or their content focus just may not fall into the realm of "comfy" for quite a bit of people. Also some of the channels I watch are just very niche and not worth mentioning.

    I'm surprised you didn't mention night mind though considering the other channels you apparently think can fall under comfy. Did you stop watching him too?

    Edited April 6th by Grey Echelon
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    Night Mind, Nexpo, Atrocity Guide, Mama Max, Barely Sociable are also good.

    Posted April 6th by fkrdhjyg
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    He does a mix of videogame content as well as nostalgic 90s stuff.

    Sam the Cooking Guy

    I enjoy cooking and his videos are easy to follow along with, have humor and don't feel like a traditional cooking channel format. His recipes are pretty great but usually not that complicated.


    He often goes to really poorly reviewed places to see how bad they are.

    LaFave Bros

    Two brothers do lets plays of Elder Scrolls games. Sometimes I like to have them on as background content. They're just funny and seem like cool dudes. Plus this video is impossible to make better.

    Posted April 6th by Vandy
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