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Comfy YouTubers
Posted: Posted March 22nd by 6ujujmie6kier
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I have compiled a list of my favorite comfy YouTubers for you to try out in these moderately-pre-apocalyptic times.

- Forgotten Weapons (random guns n history)
- Paul Harrell (in-depth no-bullshit gun talk)
- DemolitionRanch (guy shoots stuff)
- Civvie 11 (mostly random '90s FPS games)
- John Wolfe (mostly horror games)
- Kruggsmash (Dwarf Fortress - HIGHLY recommend his Honeystoker series)
- Karl Jobst (speedrunning news and history)
- Sseth Tzeentach (based & redpilled reviews of dank games)
- Settled (Oldschool RuneScape good boy)
- J1mmy (more OSRS)
- Apollo Legend (speedrunning news and drama)
- EZScape (speedrunning misc.)
- Ahoy (gaming documentaries)
- GVMERS (more gaming documentaries)
- Jacob Geller (pop media analysis)
- Curio (pop media analysis)
- OneyPlays (based voice actor/animator retards play vidya games)
- Frederick Knudsen (weird internet documentaries)
- michaelcthulhu (welder/fabricator makes usable full-size replicas of fantasy/video game swords)
- Larry Bundy Jr. (random video game trivia)
- A Jolly Wangcore (Half-Life mods)
- ymfah (Elder Scrolls/Soulsborne/etc. challenge runs)
- GDC (games design lectures and presentations)
- Tedious (OSRS - specifically recommend his Generate Task series)
- all This Is How You Don't Play and DSP Tries It videos from dozens of different YTers.

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