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Combat update notes
Posted: Posted February 14th, 2018 by Xhin

The combat update is kind of a loose collection of updates. Not sure what the priority of it is, definitely not more than finally finishing v5 though.

It includes:

  • A better enemy panel that lets you pick their moves in a fast way without laboriously creating and assigning new permanent items, adding them to the sparring system, etc.

  • Profile update that streamlines combat stats so you can see useful information about weapons instead of just a big cluster of stats.

  • Combat appears on the room description area so you can do it without clicking over to "interact".

  • An "ensnared" state that reduces your ability to flee. Fleeing and failing gets the enemy to attack you as well.

  • weapon techniques, where you combine multiple weapons together to get a multi-weapon with various "techniques" that unlock via various conditions, including damage done to the user or a "blood charge" that goes up every time you attack and is used when you use the technique.

  • stealth weapons that do more damage when you're stealthed.

  • When an enemy is about to attack, it'll say a short description of the move and give you defense/dodge options. These can be set by the host, but there are some useful presets and can be randomized to some extent. Defense/dodging can reduce damage taken if successful, or increase it or even prevent your next turn.

  • Better enemy AI. you can say when they use a move and why.

  • an event trigger that fires when all enemies in a room have been killed, and an event for resurrecting all enemies in a room.

  • enemy spawn rate patterns you can set for more rpg-like games so that enemies can spawn in a semi-random way rather than setting them up in rooms manually.

  • Multiple enemies can be in the same engagement. Enemies can summon other enemies and weapons can have effects that target multiple enemies in an engagement.

  • similarly, minions can be in the same engagement and you can control their moves without switching characters first.

  • Enemies can auto-engage you as you enter a room.

  • Some kind of character instancing system so not everyone is fighting the same exact monster (this looks really hard to do at the moment). Useful especially for quests.

  • a z-axis and range plugin that gives enemies a height that various moces of their trigger, and weapons have a range that can affect higher enemies or no

    All of this should make combat far far more interesting.

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    Posted February 14th, 2018 by Xhin
    Fractal icious
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