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Cloned meat (@Jubei)
Posted: Posted August 29th, 2019 by Fox Forever
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I was thinking about when non-meat eaters bring up the "abused animals" point when saying why they don't eat meat or how unethical it is. It's true, many places are the product of the cheapest dollar mindset where they won't take into account animal wellbeing because it's all about how to make the most money.

I wanted to have a discussion or just to hear opinions on cloned meat. Since I don't know who else on here is a vegan or vegetarian I've particularly put Jubei's name in the title so I could get a perspective and see if there's a middle ground for us. I also want to hear anyone else's opinions on it so let me know!

Personally, I'm all for cloning meat in a lab. Sure though, there would have to be an original animal to clone it from. We would also be able to eat meat from particularly harder to gather animals if we could gather what we need from those animals. We could try shark meat or alligator meat or even tiger meat and have it widespread for people to try if we could gather from the original animal.

I do have at least some conflict for what animals go through vs. my own desire to eat meat at times. But I would completely giving up "fresh kill" types of meat for a cloned meat from other animals. Of course I know the meat industry would likely try their best to fight such a thing. I'm hoping that this is a reality somewhat soon. It could take away a bit of our problem with global warming since fewer cows would mean less methane in the atmosphere.

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