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Civ VI
Posted: Posted October 25th, 2016 by Ghowilo

Here are some screenshots I took over the past few days :D

So my first game I played as Sumeria. These were my first 4 cities.

I rather liked Sumeria's cities, and the square walls were pleasant to look at in this city. I can't remember what that wonder is called but it gives a culture bonus on each of it's tiles.

Boston? There? You're going to found your city there America? That's not okay.

I'm on a continent with America and Norway, I'm friends with the Vikings, but America is unfriendly. It's the ancient era and I get no warmongering penalty? WAR!

If you say so Teddy.

Here you see a lonely Sumerian swordsman fighting his way through three barbarians. I really like the Sumerian swordsman style, it's pretty neat.

These Norse soldiers made me nervous, until I remembered we were declared friends.

I have a pretty decent navy, which helps keep the Vikings happy with me. We were Navy Buddies for a long time. Sucks for America though, they lost many horsemen this way.

Sometimes, things can get confusing as to who's who. I'm blue with yellow, Norway is blue with red, and America is blue with white. Norway is helping me fight America... sorta.

So here was an interesting/annoying bug I found. I had levied soldiers from both Brussels and Valletta. Notice how a lot of them have turned to a black and brown banner. All of the units I'd levied were given to Valletta after I lost Suzerain status with them, even the one's I'd levied from Brussels.

Poor Boston. I took it soon after.

Didn't know city-states could have settlers. He must have grabbed that from a war because he never used it afterwards.

If you look at the mini-map, you can see I own most of the coast of the world. Remember when I said I had a good navy. Yeah, it's pretty badass at this point. Also, the Colossus and Great Lighthouse make an awesome pairing. I won a cultural victory btw.

In my latest game, I'm playing as France. Been building a lot of wonders since the Medieval Era. Took some screenshots. We'll start off with the Forbidden Palace. (That's Paris in the background)

Also had Oxford University

The Hagia Sophia

Obviously I couldn't resist taking a screenshot of the Great Explanation Point of America

Honey... We need to talk... I have crabs...

Here's a picture of the Oracle, I think this was in my China game though.

Sad America is sad (flashback to Sumeria? Sorry, these aren't in order)

The Eiffel Tower may just allow me to get a cultural victory with France, but I'm leading mostly in Science and Religion and I kinda wanna make the world Catholic. I've already converted Germany and America.

Another flashback to Sumeria. I had stomped England's ass and she was so sad when I took all of her port cities.

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed.

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