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Checklist for today
Posted: Posted March 9th, 2018 by Xhin

Will probably delete this later, just want to do something vaguely NIFE-related while I wake up.

  • Make lockpicks / machines optionally on the Equipment system.

  • Finish up the Aura events classes

  • Get the Aura control panels ready

  • Finish the Equipment/Auras plugin

  • Officially make NIFE v5

  • Gather suggestions from Moonray as needed


    Getting to v5 is my main goal for today, but I might finish early, and I've got tomorrow and Sunday anyway. Here are the things I want to work on:

  • Cross-linking v5 features, adding stuff to the Deployment Checklist as I go.

  • Beefing up the Panel Docs. Want to do some of this even if I'm doing v6/vC sessions.

  • General NIFE guide (will do quickstart guides later)

  • Fishing plugin is my priority with v6. Been wanting to have a solid fishing platform for a while. Will probably make some kind of open game around it and fix the interface as needed.

  • Room categories upgrade and Travel plugin

  • Do some more work on The Grid and Maps (including map movement).

  • Lootboxes plugin

  • Improve foe combat panel and profile combat properties.

    I have like three completely different game ideas I'm planning, not sure which one will pan out first but having *some* kind of interesting open world mmo I can work on is going to be a priority in v6.

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