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Can't post in Dispute Resolution
Posted: Posted June 28th
Edited June 28th by Fox Forever

Is this an error? I just keep getting told "Post is tagged"

Oh the reason for wanting to post there is to ask about a reply getting tagged (Death Anxiety, 4th reply) in General.

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Posts in Dispute Resolution are auto-tagged so staff can address them without other users continuing the dispute there. Unfortunately there's no way to know this is happening as a user.

Posted June 28th by Count Dooku

The posts are automatically tagged so only staff can see. This was implemented to keep from complaint posts turning into arguments. There are not many reasons why complaints should be visible to everyone on the site.

Posted June 28th by Vandy

Love of conflict and drama?

Posted June 28th by Agis

Oh I wasn't aware of that. Thanks. I've never really had to use the complaints forum.

Posted June 28th by Fox Forever

it's an unintuitive solution to an annoying problem

Posted June 28th by Pirate_Ninja

Revert the name to "Complaint Submission."

Posted June 28th by mariomguy
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