Cancel Kojima! Twitter Puritans unite to destroy Death Stranding!
Posted: Posted November 8th, 2019 by tnu
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Sir, just suppose... suppose if I had a cat, what would you do with Frankenstein?
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I wonder if I should buy this game or wait. I like Kojima games but the reviews are so mixed. I'll probably get it anyways. I'm kind of more excited for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order right now.

Posted November 9th, 2019 by Laxan
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so far te only game on my radar is Persona 5 Royal.

Posted November 9th, 2019 by tnu
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It seems veeeery Kojima. Like, I almost feel like they should just give him a movie deal already and get it over with.

I'm not very far. Probably logged about three or four hours. There so far hasn't been terribly much gameplay yet. Mostly, you're just a delivery guy. Literally all I've done is walked, picked up a package, walked back. Thirty minutes of cutscenes. Walked, dropped off a package. Ran back. Cutscenes. I suppose I've done other stuff, like held my breath, or, maintained my center of gravity when walking down a hill...It's not very "fun," and I'm not inclined to think it ever will.

It's certainly interesting though. I feel like it's worth it just to see all the systems and mechanics he works in. But so far it doesn't feel super cohesive or clear on what it wants its game experience to be.

Posted November 10th, 2019 by Jet Presto
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i'm a fan of genre busters myself so that souns like a plus. My only misgiving is that Kojima comes across as kind of preachy but anything that pisses off puritans is at least worth a look.

Edited November 10th, 2019 by tnu
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Kojima is certainly preachy. I'm just not entirely sure what it is he's trying to preach about right now. I'm only a few hours further into the game than when I last posted, and there isn't much more clarity on that. He's sort of a strange writer to me in that he's not very subtle, but he's also not very coherent most of the time either. Like, ok...he's saying something about building bridges in America at a time when one of the most talked about policy proposals has been building walls. Not subtle. There's a lot of "connection" stuff. But...ok? I don't really know how that fits in with the overarching narrative of the game, mostly because I also have no idea really what that even is. There are times where it feels like he's kinda saying that we're too disconnected, but then internet connection elements are an important part to re-establishing links and...I dunno...I'm increasingly unsure if Kojima is actually a good writer, or if some of this is cultural differences in storytelling between English and Japanese traditions of narratives.

As a game, I'm still not having "fun" with it, although after an hour or so of walking around and maintaining my center of balance, it turns into almost a meditative game for me. There are also a *lot* of systems. And I feel like I complain about this a lot, but modern games just have fonts that are terrible. Way too small or awfully colored, and they almost never let me adjust the size. So I can barely read some of the menus, but so far as I can tell - since as a result, I just press X to speed through these menus to get it over with - it doesn't seem to matter much? There's just a lot. I'm probably eight hours in, and I'm *still* getting tutorial messages. It's...a lot.

Kinda feels a bit like just whatever Kojima thought up, they just threw in there regardless of whether it added to the game or made it more fun or fun at all. It's...interesting...but it's also a lot. It definitely feels excessive to me.

Posted November 13th, 2019 by Jet Presto
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yeah the preachyness turns me off from Kojima in general I"m not in this for a lecture lesson, moral, or political diatribe.

Posted November 13th, 2019 by tnu
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I mean, he's so far not really saying anything all that controversial, is the thing. I'm not really sure "connection makes us better" is really that hot a take. The connection to "build a wall" is only there with awareness of the current political landscape. The game itself makes virtually no mention of anything like that. To me, his preachiness is sort of the equivalent of a kids' show saying, "Sharing is caring!" Like, ok, cool. Great message, but nothing terribly profound.

Posted November 13th, 2019 by Jet Presto
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meh your definition of "profound" bores me. it seems to equate to harping on about the same currennt eets I'm alreayd sick of being bombarded with in the world around me if someone is going to preach at least make it about the raw ideas rather than this obnoxious on the nose allegory that just takes me out of it and I start to think I may as well have ust read an actual lecture about current events or identity politics not something bashing me over the head with it under the guise of something I actually care about.

Edited November 15th, 2019 by tnu
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What I mean, though, is that the fairly overt message of the game is not something you wouldn't find in, say, an episode of Barney and Friends or Shining Time Station. There's nothing - so far as I've experienced after nine or ten hours - that indicates anything even that much deeper politically. Certainly nothing that tends to get wrapped up in "identity politics," (although I still think this term is a catch-all for "things that don't affect me personally" or "politics I don't agree with or think about," as I never see "identity politics" as a criticism of, say, Batman movies only being willing to hire white actors in the role because somehow, that isn't "identity politics." And certainly, no one who criticizes "identity politics" have jack shit to say about the Good Ol', gun-totttin', god-fearin', Confederacy-adoring Republican schtick that has been a staple of American politics for generations, and you don't get more "identity politics" than that - it's arguably the most successful "identity politics" in history of the country).

If you decided to pick up Death Stranding, you'll get hit over the head with the lesson of connection, which as I say, it's nothing any more interesting or profound than you could expect to find in literally any children's television programming, story-book, or movie. I can't say if there's anything more to it than that at any point in the game - I haven't finished it. I likely won't (because it's not a very "fun" game to actually play). I get that you don't like artists reflecting on society or current events, so I can't imagine you ever would pick up Death Stranding. But I would say that it's not anywhere near as deep or even controversial as I think Hideo Kojima maybe thinks he is. I don't even think he really hammers it too much given that you'll mostly just spend hours walking around and trying to figure out what the point of all the imagery is, if there even is a point to it all.

(The game also weirdly glorifies the gig economy, so...make of that what you will. I kinda feel like Kojima really wanted to just make a game celebrating the Post Office. I can't imagine that's a terribly controversial take. Even the idea of "building connections" feels like a rather harmless and not particularly enraging take. Mostly the game is trying to be weird more than it's trying to preach about something.)

But not sure why I'm even defending the game. I'm almost certainly not going to keep playing it much longer because, again, it's just not a very fun game to play. Interesting ideas for a game, but I don't think it's all cohesive or works. As I think I maybe said before, it really feels like every single idea Kojima came up with just got thrown in. I still don't really see what a "peeing" mechanic adds to the game. Or how boot degradation adds to the game. The fact that the game exists is cool and itself sort of revolutionary (hard to imagine a major AAA studio throwing this kind of money into a game like this, and there's no way this game gets made if Kojima were still under the Konami umbrella, so, that's cool). But it's a lot of systems, and not many of them are particularly engaging or fun.

Posted November 15th, 2019 by Jet Presto
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Batman movies only being willing to hire white actors in the role because somehow, that isn't "identity politics."

No more than expecting a black actor to play Virgil Hawkins or Victor Stone (both completely reasonable expectations in my opinion) you only complain when the character was originally white and isn't being recast as a different ethnicity. I doubt you'd be as eager if a traditionally black character was recast with a white guy (which is also irritating please don't do it.)

that being said Marvel as impressed me with this twice with Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Michael Clark Duncan as Wilson Fisk (arguably one of the few good things about that Daredevil movie)

I'm completely done with you your insinuations and your politics Jet. Have a nice life.

Edited November 16th, 2019 by tnu
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