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Look at my switch username
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Was pleasantly surprised when I saw a friend request from you a few days ago. How did you find me, by the Network ID in the contacts link up top?

Posted January 12th by Bubba

Imported all of my wiiu, 3ds and Miitomo friends and sent friend requests to all of them.

Posted January 12th by Weid man
Weid man

agreed.. gamercontacts list is outdated and needs switch friend codes.

Posted January 24th by ShadowFox08

Oh you're right.

If anyone wants to be added to the contacts page, post your gamertags or friend codes here.

Posted February 17th by Vandy

Or pan’s and Nintendo network id’s.

Posted February 17th by Weid man
Weid man

My friend code is: SW-7254-9802-5220

Vandy, could you put the switch friend codes on top(above) Nintendo Network IDs on the gamer contacts page?


Edited February 18th by ShadowFox08

Good idea. Done.

Posted February 19th by Vandy

I have a bunch of other people's friend codes from gtxo. I might post them later on tonight or something. Maybe I should ask them first? Then again some I have no way of contacting, cause you can't even message people on switch. >_> uff

Posted February 20th by ShadowFox08

Then again some I have no way of contacting, cause you can't even message people on switch. >_> uff

Oh, Nintendo.

It's probably best to ask first. They may not want to be contacted by people here, unfortunately.

Posted February 22nd by Vandy

Lonewolf was here in early feb and added me. Him and a few other people(pirate ninja, gameboy) I'm friends with. But yeah, maybe they'll come across this thread one day.

Posted February 25th by ShadowFox08
Reply to: Post your Switch friend codes here to be added to the contacts page

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