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But are you ever gonna run around?
Posted: Posted October 19th by Jahoy Hoy
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What a beautiful tribute to weid man we have in this forum. Maybe it was even the ghost of weid himself. Tagging these posts would just be disrespectful at this point...

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I agree. The astley lyrics need to stay.

Posted October 19th by Definitely a different user than
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These usernames brought a tier to my eye :`}

Posted October 19th by Bouglas Dude-imier
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Wow! I swear now I'm NEVER gonna give any of you up!!

Posted October 19th by Spunch "The Porb" Nicely
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Posted October 19th by Morale Booster
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Does anyone else think that 5ma5h should be called Super Smash Bros - Playful Tousle?

Posted October 19th by I have a vEnereal disease
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