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Posted: Posted January 27th by Xhin
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While it didn't take long to set up at all this is actually a pretty big milestone in Website Absorption.

Basically, you can filter forums by which website they came from.

Since the Sci/Math forum is a big mixture right now, here's a way of looking at only GTX0's posts there:
Or only the science posts from the CWBB:
Any forum that has had some kind of merge happen in it (after this merge that will be NGVS, Sci/Math, General, Entertainment/Media and Creative) will have a "Website Branch" option in the filter feature:

I plan on doing several merges this year to try to get us new members (and also to enrich their dying communities) so this is a good step in that direction.

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What other groups are are targeting as your first steps towards Total Internet Domination?

(You could try Vreleska (http://conscripts.s4.bizhat.com/); I know eldin is a member there.)

Posted January 28th by elemtilas
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