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Bought three new games the other day
Posted: Posted January 3rd by -Riku-

Dragonball FighterZ, LEGO Marvels Avengers, and Pokemon Ultra Moon

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I think I have the LEGO Avengers on PS4, enjoyed it a lot as Iíve always enjoyed LEGO games.

Posted January 3rd by Q

I've always thought Dragonball FighterZ looked like a quality fighting game. If I lived with or around people to play with I would for sure buy it. Do you have anyone to play with?

I bought Cuphead on sale for $15. I've played a few levels with my wife, who has surprisingly liked it quite a bit. I look forward to going back through the levels to try and get perfect scores.

Posted January 3rd by Vandy

LEGO Avengers is a little boring after the opening scene of Ultron, but it's still a lot of fun.

As for DBFZ, I'm mainly focusing on the story mode right now. I just completed the first arc and am playing through the second one. So far, I find it to be a really good game with a lot of fan favorite characters, though it looks like the character roster isn't as expansive as the Xenoverse games. The button combinations aren't that hard to figure out and there's no overly complex input for the combos (unlike in the MK series). Every character feels unique and plays differently. One minor detail that I've noticed while playing as Frieza is that his double death disks boomerang back to you and CAN damage you if they hit you. This, obviously, is an homage to how Goku beat Frieza in the show

Posted January 4th by -Riku-

I've been regularly visiting nintendo.com for their sales and promotions. Been picking up quite a few Switch and 3DS games to play while away. Including Monster hunter 3 and 4 ultimate for super cheap.

Posted January 4th by Q

I also just bought Dynasty Warriors 8: Extreme Legends-Complete Edition for the ps4. I started off on normal mode, but I couldn't get past Hu Lao Gate because Lu Bu kept wrecking my shit. I died five times before switching to beginner mode

Posted January 5th by -Riku-

Haven't played either of the others, but this new generation of Pokemon is a good one.

Posted January 6th by Axem Great Water

I've beaten Moon, but I wasn't a big fan of it. I remember being annoyed by Hau a lot and never really saw him as a rival. Now Gladion? He was a proper rival. Also I don't remember being a fan of the Island Challenges. I'm glad Gamefreak/Nintendo/the Pokemon Company tried something new, but I actually prefer gym battles. Team Skull got annoying with the way they talked.

Posted January 7th by -Riku-
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