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Borderlands 3 Official Trailer
Posted: Posted March 28th
Edited March 28th by Vandy

EDIT: the official trailer released just after this post!

Original post:

Most people have been confident that we would get Borderlands 3 news at or before E3 this year. This basically confirms that.

I really got into the Borderlands series in 2015 when I played the original and then played through the Handsome Collection. Looking forward to 3.

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They can get a little tedious, but it's definitely a game I always have fun playing with friends. All three of the games so far tend to drag a little bit longer than it should, but yeah. This would definitely be a game I buy.

Posted March 28th by Jet Presto

The official trailer just dropped! Added to the main post.

Posted March 28th by Vandy

I'm not sure if this is saying the game releases on 4/3 or if more information will be revealed on 4/3?

Posted March 28th by Vandy

Borderlands 1 remaster comes out on 3rd April so that's probably what they mean rather than anything BE related. Likely a poorly thought out tweet combination :P

Posted March 28th by Moonray

I think I saw Vaughn in there somewhere. Good to know Tales from the Borderlands -- one of the better Telltale outings -- isn't forgotten noncanon stuff.

Posted March 31st by Shotgunnova

Free copy of remasters if you already own them on Steam! \o/

Posted March 31st by LLight
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