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Posted: Posted May 4th by Xhin
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Youtube is currently being fascists and bitchute seems to be the alternative.

I've created an embed tag for them -- [bitchute]whatever[/bitchute] where whatever is the video link. Their embeds don't seem to have a fullscreen option, so I installed one locally.

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What's youtube doing now? I'm not sure there is any viable alternative though because 1. it's hard to actually monetize videos on other platforms which is a big selling point for multiple reasons and 2. google seems to keep youtube afloat considering it's apparently losing more money than it's gaining from it last I heard. Even if you were to get a replacement video site that somehow became as big as youtube which I don't see happening or even happening to a quarter of what youtube gets, it'd still probably just end up bought by yet another soulless corporation.

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Essentially they bought into the "misinformation" idea, where any content that goes against or even just questions the official narrative for covid-19 is removed. I think most of the ideas are retarded too, but this sets a dangerous precedent and is really surprising given that youtube was one of the biggest backers of the anti-SOPA movement.

Posted May 4th by Xhin
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