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Hi, ily. c:

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I read that as "Pirate Jinjo" at first.

Posted October 5th by Black Yoshi in, one of these guys, but dressed as a pirate.

Edited October 5th by Black Yoshi


Posted October 5th by Weid man

close enough, I accept

ily 2 bby

Posted October 5th by Pirate_Ninja

I can just hear that Pearl Fey music.

Also I imagined King Jinjo in a pirate hat instead of a crown.

Edited October 5th by Fox Forever

it took me too long to think of the right music when I read that post, because my brain insisted on Twink's theme from Paper Mario instead

Posted October 6th by Pirate_Ninja

Eh they're kinda close imo.

Posted October 6th by Fox Forever
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