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Been playing a NG+ on Horizon Zero Dawn lately
Posted: Posted June 9th, 2018 by -Riku-

So in terms of difficulty, the game is definitely harder this time around to the point where I often found myself running from fights in order to preserve my resources and ammunition. Glinthawks are still the most annoying enemy in the game due to how fast they fly around and their ice attacks. I haven't done a lot of side missions because I was doing this for the main story and wanted to see how people would react to Aloy when the story is nearly done.

When I'm given permission to leave the Embrace, I immediately went for the Tallneck and local cauldron. These are still my favorite things to do in the game and provide me with some quick experience points. My main weapons are the hunter bow, the sharpshot bow, the ropecaster, and either the blast sling or war bow. I generally stick with the shield-weaver armor due to shield it gives aloy, but I also switch to the silent hunter armor if I want to be stealthy.

I just completed the Frozen Wilds main story as well as a few sidequests. The enemies this DLC provides are fucking brutal! Scorchers and daemonic versions of regular machines are tough, but not frustratingly so. Frostclaws are tougher, but provided you can get one alone you'll be able to slowly remove its armour so you can hit its weak points. I HATE Fireclaws! Not only do these things have massive health bars, but they're crazy fast and deal lots of damage! I've killed four of them thus far and the only time the fight came easy was when I had a wide open area to move around and local machines to override. The worst part about these things are that they're ALWAYS daemonic, which means you can't override them. The first one you fight is inside Thunder's Drum and even with it still takes a while for this thing to go down. From there you are given the sidequest to kill five more of these things and that's what I'm attempting to do currently.

There are a few new weapons you obtain from the DLC plus the ability to modify your spear, but the new weapons just don't fit my play style. The amount of ammo they can carry is too small and some of them take a second to fire. However, I'm sure some of you will like them. The story of the DLC isn't as compelling as the game's main story, but it is a good mystery. I kinda wish the developers had made us fight a working Metal Devil and had us take it down Shadow of the Colossus style.

Oh, I'm also working on getting the different collectibles. Fun time!

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