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Posted: Posted March 15th by Axem Great Water
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Anyone else hoping that they start working on augmented reality, instead of artificial reality? Or at least work on them simultaneously. Remember how huge Pokemon Go was, when it came out? Imagine if you had that, but with AR glasses instead of a smartphone. Something like Wii Sports would probably be a good way to get public interest, too. Get some wireless peripheral similar to a wii-mote, and you could play augmented reality tennis/golf/bowling/baseball/etc.

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I’ll follow whatever news there is about this!

Posted March 15th by chiarizio
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Yea but Pokemon GO quickly died off, which to me sort of shows how there isn't a lot of desire for this sort of thing (then again Pokemon GO wasn't a great game once you got past the gimmick of seeing the Pokemon). It only got huge because it was a popular franchise and released for free on a device that people already own. You never hear anything about any of the other AR games available on smartphones and yet they exist. Didn't Microsoft also try some kind of AR glasses? I recall them showing off something that linked in with Minecraft at one point.

For video games I'm not sure they're that great. If you were developing a game and you could pick between AR where all you can do is add details to a real environment or VR where you can craft the exact environment you want to suit the experience you're building then it's obvious to me why VR wins out. I think your Wii Sports example is probably one of the best ways to try and use AR for gaming though.

I can see AR being a lot more useful in "real world" situations. Like at a zoo for example, they could hand out the AR glasses or a smartphone app and then when you're looking at the animals you can use it to also have a "lifelike" 3d model projected right up close to you.

Just seems to me like VR has superceded AR when it comes to games, and having experienced both I definitely feel that out of the two VR is the superior experience for gaming.

Posted March 16th by Moonray
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I had played this quasi-augmented reality fitness game once. You'd take your phone with you went you went for a run and it would track you. At certain points, you'd "collect items," that you would then use to build up your base in the game app after. And at certain intervals, you'd get chased by a horde of zombies that would require you to pick up your pace.

I'm into augmented reality. Think it's pretty neat. But so far, there have been few examples that didn't just seem gimmicky or like a tech demo. I think that's kinda it. Sort of like VR; we just need to see some games actually made around it to do more than just show off the tech.

Posted March 16th by Jet Presto
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