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At what age do boys normally finish their growth spurt and get their wisdom teeth?
Posted: Posted September 19th
Edited September 19th by Curious_Researcher
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At what age do boys normally finish their growth spurt and get their wisdom teeth?

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Edited September 20th by Freeman’s crowbar
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100 Years

Posted September 20th by Moonray
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There is no option for 46 years old and there should be an option for 46 years old because 46 years old is the correct answer to your question which is about what age boys normally finish their growth spurt (46 years old) and get their wisdom teeth (46 years old) so because of these reasons there should be an option for 46 years old.

Posted September 20th by Xhin
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Ground's what's around

101 Years

Posted September 20th by Fox Forever
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Okay so like I had my wisdom teeth taken out late teens. I feel like 16 is prolly the age that's normal I think I got mine out at 17 tho. I know my ex from 18-19 was poor af and I was a college studen so I was too and honestly I hope that he never got the money to get them removed and they impacted because he deserves that shit.

Posted September 21st by Ghowilo
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Ghowilo where are you from?

Posted September 22nd by Curious_Researcher
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This is what society prefers people to look like at 16 in the UK (Even though that man is American)

Posted September 30th by Curious_Researcher
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"Puberty generally lasts two to five years, stopping around ages 17 to 19 for boys. At the end of puberty, the growth plates on the long bones close, which ends the normal period of growth," says Dr. Gettleman.
Girls tend to pass through puberty and their growth phase at a much faster rate than boys. It starts earlier and then slows down after menarche. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, girls can grow about 2 inches each year. "On average, girls will experience steady growth for about two years after they start their period, and then slow down. They experience no significant growth post-menarche.

A female growth spurt happens fast and then it is over," says Dr. Burgert. That is, most of the growth happens before girls get their period, and then they might gain another inch or two, but that's it. At what age do girls stop growing? Most will reach their full adult height between the ages of 15 and 17, depending on when puberty began.

Posted October 1st by Canadians > British People
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Girls normally reach their physical peak by 16 (sometimes even earlier). The British education system is more focused on girls and doesn't give a shit about boys.

But look at Eduardo Camavinga though, he's only 16 and he looks like he's been through his growth spurt already and he is really good at Soccer. He's already 6foot tall. He is good at breaking up opposition attacks and good at passing.

Also Kendrick Blackshire is only 16, he is 6foot2 and over 200 pounds in muscle so he went through his growth spurt early and looks near enough look like an alpha gangster grown man. He is really good at American Football and trains hard to keep in good shape.

17 to 18 is normally when boys reach their physical peak. Sometimes even 18 and a half.

So by 19 years old you can be sure everyone is fully grown at their physical peak unless they got a brain tumour or acromalagy.

Posted October 1st by Sports Pro Joe
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Yeah I agree, Kendrick Blackshire doesn't look 16. He looks about 19.

Edited October 1st by Curious_Researcher
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