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Are you buying a next gen console?
Posted: Posted August 21st by ShadowFox08
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I only brought in the GPU speed to let people know that MS is planning on releasing two Xbox consoles. One is the X series X that we already know, and the other is the X series S, which has 10GB GDDR6 Ram, similar CPU speed and 4 TFLOPs GPU, and as MS have said, the S series is focused on 1440p (and I think 1080p) gaming.

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X series X is 12.2 TFLOPs GPU and has 16GB GDDR6. Same CPU and clocked similarly.

As for me, I'm not buying next gen, but if a switch pro comes out next year, I'll likely buy it. There's a rumor from a poster on resetera that he has insider information about it being 2x as strong as the current switch, but it's still going to use the TX 1 chip (guessing a 7nm die shrink, if true). This would make it around xbone level docked. U would love the boosted performance in handheld mode that should be as powerful as current docked mode as well (393 GFLOPs)

I also need a new laptop and I'm considering buying a laptop with a Nvidia ampere chip comes out. No intention of game heavily by any means, but want to experience ray tracing. Probably going for a RTX 3060 when it comes out. Iirc, Nvidia will talk about their chips in a conveniention on September 1.

Are you guys buying next gen, and will you wait a bit for a price drop or buy at launch?

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Unlikely. Both my PS4 and Xbox One largely collect dust. Switch does too, but I play it once in a while.

PC is where it's at for me. And thankfully, Microsoft is going all-in by putting Halo and most of their new first party releases onto PC and Xbox. I hope Sony does the same someday.

Nintendo can just do whatever. They've got a good enough track record that I don't mind dropping $300 once in a while for their new spork waggle wee-wee gimmick console. And in a generation or two, I'll just be able to emulate their stuff on PC anyway.

Posted August 21st by Count Dooku
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As long as Sony keeps releasing exclusives and physical media, yes. I will buy a next gen PS5 but not at launch. Gonna wait for a noteworthy game to drop.

Posted August 21st by Laxan
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Other: Dunno, maybe at some point if PS5 has enough exclusives that don't come to PC. Otherwise neither :P

Posted August 21st by Moonray
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I will get Xbox Series X eventually, probably when Halo Infinite releases. Partly because I have a 4K TV now and want something that can take advantage of the display.

Posted August 21st by Vandy
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I was planning on purchasing another switch to have as a home console. (My eyes cant take the strain of playing on portable)

I may pick up the "slim" iteration of a next gen console. It really depends on the exclusives. I thought the PS4 ones were alright. My Highlights were The Last Of Us 2. Ghost of Tushima and God of War. (Ghost of Tushima being the best exclusive hands down)

The Xbox X being backwards compatible is a very enticing option.

Posted August 21st by S.O.H.
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I have a Siwtch anythign newer than that isn't going to be on the agenda any time soon.

Posted August 22nd by tnu
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I want to get a Switch eventually- my little siblings have one and I've played at it's a blast. Couldn't give a fuck about Xbox or PS5.

Posted August 22nd by MarvaIo
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I’ll end up with both eventually like I since the Xbox-GC-PS2 era. But I’ll
Probably get an Xbox Series X first since I can play all of my current games I have on my X1 and the get a PS5 later down the road.

You would think that SONY would want to make the PS5 fully BX and capitalize on 25+ years worth of games. If they didn’t that they would crush everyone more than they already have with the PS4. That’s just my opinion though.

Posted August 23rd by Q
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Nintendo can crush the market by releasing every single one of their games on a virtual store (NES to Wii) but they choose not to. Not because they can’t but because they don’t want to.

I’m sure opting to do so would be equivalent to dropping a nuke.

Posted August 23rd by S.O.H.
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