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We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Any Voice Actors interested in Audio projects?
Posted: Posted May 30th
Edited June 4th by BraveNewDeafGirl

If so, here are my current 3 projects I'm looking to cast, characters included.
If you are interested or have any questions please leave a comment here or PM me. (I assume that is a feature here, please correct me if not.)

A lot of these characters have been auditioned for but not chosen/recieved as are marked as such -
NC - Not Chosen
NR - Not Recieved
If it has both, it has had at least one audition, but there are outstanding people I'm waiting for auditions from for the lines therefore I have not made a choice yet.
If it has nothing, it has not had an audition.
These auditions have yet to come from other websites I have asked on.

To The Moon -

Major -

Eva (NR, NC)
Neil (NR, NC)
Teen Nicholas (NR, NC)
Medical Doctor (Riley) (NR, NC)

Minor -

Child Johnny
Child, Teen, Adult Joey
Computer (NR, NC)
Bartender (Male) (NR, NC)
Ferris Wheel Operator (Male) (NR, NC)
David (Male) (NR, NC)
Dr Lee (Male) (NR, NC)
Tour Guide (Male) (NR, NC)
Stall Owners A and B (Males)
Tommy (Male, little kid, 9 lines.)
Fortune Teller (2 lines) (NR, NC)
Riding Instructor (NR, NC)

Unnamed Minors -

C - Little Kid (Male, 1 line)
E - Teen (Either, 1 line)
G - Adult (Male, 3 lines)
H - Little Kid (Male, 1 line)
I - Adult (Male, dad to H, 1 line)

Pokemon Short -

Professor Oak (NR, NC)
Front Desk Girl
Misc Girls 1 & 2
2 Scientists
Burglar (NR, NC)

Enigma of Amigara Fault comic dub.

Researchers 1 and 2
Elderly Researcher (NR, NC)
Reporter (NR, NC)
Rescue Squad Member
2 Crowd Men
1 Crowd Lady

Irony in my hobbies FTW.
There are 2 Replies

1 crowd lady

Posted June 8th by EN

Hey, I sent you a 'PM', and I'm not sure if you got it? Just checking.

Posted June 12th by BraveNewDeafGirl
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