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I'm getting back in to it. and I've wanted folks to talk sh opw ith.

Sir, just suppose... suppose if I had a cat, what would you do with Frankenstein?
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Persona 3, 4, and 5 are some of the best games I have ever played. What is your favorite of the three?

Posted June 12th by Laxan

I've played most of 4 (Up to ) and all of Persona 5 sand it's a tough call. I have some biases that lean me towards 5 due to its motifs, UI, the return of the negotiation system and

Posted June 12th by tnu

I like the story of 3 and 4 better than 5, and the music of Persona 3 and 4 are better than 5 to me. But, the art style and gameplay is strongest in 5 (although, I feel a few dungeons towards the latter half of P5 are too damn long).

Since 5 falls short in story and music while 3 and 4 still have a great art style and solid gameplay, I'd have to say 5 is my least favorite.

I was more into Makoto myself.

Posted June 12th by Laxan

I'm a fan of Phantom Thieeves as an archatype personally so there's alot of bias there the dunegeons in 4 were oftne less stressful and mroe fun to grind Actualy doing a new run because I lost my saves. tyring anew approach where I prioritize socia links based on what Personas I have in my stock. I don't now much about the sotry of 3 be yond people turning in to Coffins admittedly and in regards to P4 and while I like Makoto I feel like she's overrated.

Posted June 12th by tnu

As soon as I saw Makoto, I knew she was going to be the one I made the MC date, and she ended up being as awesome as I had hoped.

When I played Persona 3, I loved it so much it almost became my new favourite game.

I knew I had to try Persona 4 next, and I figured I would like it but I had a hard time imaging myself liking it more than Persona 3. I ended up liking it more than Persona 3, and it too almost became my new favourite game.

When Persona 5 was announced, I said to myself, "Ok, this is more Persona so you know it's gonna be awesome, but don't get your hopes up too much because there's no way it will outdo Persona 4". Persona 5 is my favourite game now. XD I loved it so much that I played it twice in a row.

I've since done my second playthroughs of Persona 3 and 4. Having experienced Persona 5, it was interesting going back and making comparisons. I'd be curious to see how you guys compare the three games. Honestly, I could ramble on for hours comparing and analyzing the stories, main characters, supporting characters, dungeons, battle mechanics, social links, etc etc etc etc etc (but I wouldn't torment you like that).

Edited June 13th by Jo Nathan

I wi sh I had a decent wya to access Persona 3. My Playstation TV was repalced by SOny and I ha eabackup I ordered on Ebay so i'm good for playing 4 but 3 is really hard to get access to. is also legit most relatable of the party. and a personal hot take. I like Ohya a lot.

As for comparisons I thin before playing 5 you should play at least one of the others so the reveal has the proper impact and because Naoto and Yukiko are great!

Edited June 13th by tnu

I agree, playing at least one of the others before 5 would be ideal for that reason alone, but there are other reasons on top of that. For example-

literally made me burst out laughing when I saw that for the first time.

Posted June 13th by Jo Nathan

literally made me burst out laughing when I saw that for the first time.

Can't disagree with that.

Edited June 14th by tnu

I find the philosophy and themes of Persona 3 and 4 much more focused when compared to the themes and philosophy of Persona 5. I felt as though they got to the end of development and on that final level, Persona Team had a brain fart and suddenly remembered that they were supposed to be implementing the themes of P5 into the overall narrative, hence why the theme of "people desiring to be imprisoned in their own self woe"--which is a cool idea and totally Persona-esque--kind of comes out of nowhere in the final stretch of P5. Whereas P3's themes (life and death and how people come to terms with how they want to live their lives) and P4's themes (seeking out the truth for yourself, questioning everything around you) are very focused and consistent all throughout.

I didn't feel like there really WAS a strong, cohesive theme in P5, and that is a major flaw in storytelling. Sure, there is the Phantom Thieves motif (which is cool as hell, don't get me wrong), but like...what is the game really trying to say? Change people's hearts and minds with...magic? What kind of lame-ass theme is that? To clarify, I REALLY despised that EVERY Social Link/Confidant was developed only after you used your Persona powers on that social link's/confidant's heart. As in, you only changed these people's lives because you used magic to change their hearts.

In Persona 3 and 4, you changed people's lives because you spent time with them during their social links and important key moments in their lives. They learned from you and grew with you--they didn't need Persona powers to impact their lives like the Confidants did in P5... You did it all on your own just by being a good human being to the people who mattered in your fictional Persona 3 and 4 lives.

And that is a major part of why I feel the storytelling in Persona 5 is weaker than previous entries. If we want to talk about the main story, I have to call out the theme again. I feel the theme of the game was supposed to be about what the last level goes over....but I didn't feel that anywhere else in the rest of the game. Maybe vaguely, but not strong enough. And the main characters are...decent. Nowhere near as strong as P3 and P4. (Especially P3 where each character continued to develop throughout the entire game and their development didn't stop just because you completed a dungeon that was related to them...looking at you, P4 and P5.)

Also, when you finally confront Goro Akechi inside Shido's heart, it gets a bit too over-the-top and ridiculous. Akechi's mannerisms and "crazy, wild eyes" are just too unbelievable of a reaction and sudden personality pivot for that character. I could also see the twist coming from a mile away that he was going to betray you (pancakes, anyone?). It was a weak showdown with what should have a been a great sendoff to a well-developed character. How can a game be so long and have so many cutscenes yet fail to capture proper development of characters? It irked me pretty hard.

My theory, as I've stated, is that Persona Team focused more on developing gameplay and art style for P5, because I will not argue that gameplay and art style is indeed strongest in P5. They just focused TOO much on the art and gameplay to the point that it became a detriment to the story, characters, and even the music. (Come on, Shoji Meguro. You can do better than that...)

That's just my opinion. Sorry for the long rant. I love this series and P5 is still an awesome game! Just not as good as P3 or P4.

Posted June 16th by Laxan

Gameplay and worldbuilding are def more important to me than superficial stuff like messages and themes. build your characters as people and your setting as a place rather than a means to deliver themes and messages and you can't go wrong IMO.

In my opinion reflection and "holding a mirror to society" or what have you is NOT depth. amirror has no depth or identity of its own. it's a blank slate that can only mimic what it sees and try to claim that depth.

Edited June 16th by tnu

Messages and especially themes are only superficial if you go through the motions of life believing there is nothing of value to be gained from art. Video games, and especially ones that tell a more meaningful and compelling story like the Persona games do, are a form of art that I am deeply passionate about (as an artist and a game designer myself, naturally). Themes are important to any work of art worth its salt. That's just a fact. Without themes, you can't design a game to be as interesting, fun, or compelling on several levels of its structure (no pun intended). The same goes for films or music or anything made by artists and creative types. You wouldn't have Phantom Thieves without a theme, for example. And thus you wouldn't have Lupin Arsene as the protagonist's starting persona. My point being, a theme brings a work of art together and lacking focus on that theme detracted from the Persona 5 experience in my opinion.

I'm not even arguing that the themes are not there or bad. I just felt like P5 lacked focus on the theme, and as such the nearly 200 hours I put into the game wasn't quite as fulfilling as my experience with P3 and P4. Great game, definitely the best gameplay, artstyle, and menu style in the franchise. Kind of a step backwards in terms of storytelling, characters, and music. And I would even say its world-building is not up to snuff with its predecessors because its theme loses focus for too much of the game.

The short of is, P5 is my least favorite of the Persona Studio trilogy but it's still an amazing game worth anyone's time and investment!

Posted Saturday by Laxan

That doesn't add depth to me though ebcause I conisder that to be external to the work. Real depth comes form good and detailed worldbuilding not making your character and events just disposable mo uthpieces for a message or moral you could have delivered anywhere. If you're charaters and story exist to serve that crap then as far as i'm concerned they have little tono depth of their own. If yo u need that external garbage rather than having a setting and characters with identities of their own and thus need the "theemes" to add some illusion of "depth" it jsut means your setting and characters are a shallow overlay to place over these themes and messages.

I consider good depth to be things that tell me more about the characters, setting, and plot. as in the crap i'm actually there for. not the authors views on different topics and issues I couldn't care less about. If you want to preach do it on your own time. I'm here to lose myself in and explore a reobust setitng and the people that inhabit it.

Edited This Morning by tnu
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