Any Gravity Rush fans here?
Posted: Posted March 29th by Jo Nathan
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I've had my eye on the Gravity Rush games ever since I tried Gravity Rush 2 in-store a few years ago. The current PSN sale has pretty good discounts on both games and I might bite, but I wanted to see if anyone here has thoughts on the series? I enjoyed my short time with the Gravity Rush 2 demo but the anti-gravity novelty strikes me as something that could get tired pretty easily if the game doesn't do anything else to keep things interesting. The characters seemed cute/fun though so I could put up with average gameplay if their story is engaging enough. I appreciate any thoughts you guys might have on these games. I trust first-hand opinions from you guys than I do random reviews.

And for that matter... any other games in the sale you think are worth nabbing?

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I never played Gravity Rush, but I always enjoyed Silent Hill, both games being helmed by the same director.

Very different games, of course. I have no real opinion on Gravity Rush, though.

Posted March 30th by Laxan
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I saw they had that sale. Considered it myself.

I've been debating nabbing Control, since that is also on sale.

So far, the only game I actually bought during this sale was Monster Hunter World. Haven't played it at all yet, though.

Posted March 30th by Jet Presto
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I've heard great things about Control but I don't really know much about it. And I have a friend who's been hounding me to get Monster Hunter World so we can play together. Not sure I'm ready to commit to PSPlus just for one game though... Hey, if I eventually get it, maybe I'll ping you and we can do some co-op?

Posted March 30th by Jo Nathan
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Hey Jo why haven't you been on Steam for over two weeks!

Posted March 30th by Moonray
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Because Discord is easier, idk!!!

Posted March 30th by Jo Nathan
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Yeah! If you ever get PS Plus (and I totally get not wanting to get it - I honestly only have it because the free games have actually been pretty good over the course of the years), let me know!

Posted March 30th by Jet Presto
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