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Any financial investors or experts among us?
Posted: Posted July 24th by Retired GTX0er
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So I'm a recent graduate in my late 20s who was lucky enough to land his career job a week before the COVID-19 lock down. I have a pretty decent public sector pension and have been teleworking while living with family. I plan to finally move out in the near future, but in the meantime, I have over $25k in savings (and growing).

I'll be able to pay off the remainder of my student loans in October. Atm, there's a moratorium on gov't loans until October.

I think it's time to start investing in mutual funds and such to generate long-term passive income. Contemplating dropping 5k-10k. I think I'll speak with an advisor and read some literature to make an informed decision. I'm just wondering if anyone here has any experience they'd like to share.

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I don't have the background or temperament to understand the specifics of investment strategy, so I just have an account with Acorns that I dump money into regularly, a little bit more now that the market is temporarily down.

I also have a small bit of stock in a mining company that's set up to make big moves in the 2020s, but I didn't make that investment. My late father watched the market for years and decided to snatch some of the stock up with me as a partner on his investment account.

Acorns has definitely been successful. Even with the current economic trouble, I'm sitting well into the green.

I've also been trying to understand cryptocurrency, but there is so much shit going on in that scene that I find it off-putting to even start sifting through it all.

The main investments that I'm looking to make is in a new shotgun and canned food. A bit more pragmatic.

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VR and AI are both going to take over the world in 5-10 years, I'd heavily invest there. Try to find smaller companies that aren't owned by big tech, or the stock price is going to be reliant on too much external crap and won't shoot up.

A pandemic seems like it would be a good time to start a VR (so people can "get out") or AI (so less people are needed in the workplace) company, so there should be a lot of that happening right now -- good time to invest. Those technologies both have ridiculous untapped potential at the moment, so I predict over 5-10 years they'll start to impact society.

There's also quantum computing, but that's probably more like 10-20 years away from being important.

Posted July 24th by Xhin
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