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We're gonna need a bigger boat.
Another album I like has been deemed "controversial" by YouTube...
Posted: Posted July 6th by Cruinn-Annuin

Hero by Bolzer, a pretty good hipster black metal album.
The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.


I understand YT deeming my other favorite BM album (Noontide by Fanisk) inappropriate due to the Nazi imagery and Hitler samples, but literally what is the problem with Bolzer? It doesn't use any Nazi/WN imagery or lyrics, but that's the closest thing that I can think of. It's just an album about a European heroic archetype. What is offensive or inappropriate here?

Better question, how would the kind of person that finds something like this offensive be exposed to this in the first place? This isn't a very popular band and is much less offensive than a plethora of more popular black metal that you would normally be exposed to before digging down to listen to this, so how do you even get here?

Eros at arms.
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Showing a viewer advisory notice is cool, but disabling comments and sharing is straight censorship.

Posted July 6th by Xhin

but disabling comments and sharing is straight censorship.

They're providing a service and they have every right to do what they want with said service.

I'm not familar with the album in question but my guess would be it's just a victim of one of YouTube's automated systems or they got a bunch of reports about the video. Or just some kind policy of "better safe than sorry" to keep their precious advertisers happy.

Posted July 6th by Moonray

I mean yeah they're a private service and can do whatever they want, but I don't like the general Internet trend towards restricting potentially offensive content.

Posted July 6th by Xhin

Fair enough, but isn't that exactly what this site does? Do moderators not tag things that can potentially be offensive? If I post a porn video, would that not get tagged for being inapproriate?

I don't mean that as a dig at anyone here, but that's just how I view what YouTube is doing. They've chosen to to take a specific stance on "potentially offensive" things just as GTX0 has taken a stance on it.

Posted July 6th by Moonray

Yeah but youtube is a service-based platform while GTX0 is a community. Youtube censorship is a bit like a server company restricting the content that can be on their servers outside of things that lead to legal or resource issues.

So for example explicitly inciting violence, that being banned on a service platform is okay, but a black metal album with questionable lyrics is not. The former can lead to legal issues while the second should just fall under "if you don't want it, don't click on it".

Posted July 6th by Xhin

Similarly, having disclaimers, asking users to click to confirm they want to view the content, hiding the content from unrekated searches -- these are all reasonable. Disabling comments, sharing or revenue, not so much.

Posted July 6th by Xhin
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