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Anime Challenge via Crunchyroll
Posted: Posted March 11th by Castrael

With my love for Anime, I decided to do a “Watch every Anime on Crunchyroll (cuz it’s the only subscription service I have atm) even if it’s scary, cringe worthy, not popular, etc challenge.” I have started on Mar 6 and I doubt I’ll be able to finish by the end of the year because of shows like One Piece lol. But, I’m looking forward to re watching some of my favorites that I’ve seen while they were simulcasting the show and just some favorites in general like 07-Ghost, Seraph of the End, Sailor Moon, etc. Wish me luck. If you guys want reviews, I’ll let you know if any are worth it, etc.

I’m really excited for this challenge but I’m kinda slacking atm and missed a couple of days. I’m thinking of doing only 2 episodes a day maybe? So that I’d ont get burned out. Don’t expect long lengthy reviews, just summaries of why I hated like it or why I loved it. Ratings will be from 1 to 5 to make it easier. Oh, this will be done alphabetically. I also have to watch all the way through, EVEN fillers in Naruto and Bleach, etc. So, yeah.

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That's an interesting. I might do this except I'll watch every anime on hulu since I don't don't have Crunchyroll.

I watched Seraph of the End, and I hated the ending, but overall it was a good anime. I also didn't like the implied yaoi but oh well.

That said, I don't know how you could get burned out watching anime. What kind of sick, deranged doesn't like anime? There's so much to enjoy. Anyone that cares enough to try can get hooked; be it because of the music that grabs them, the art that leaves them speechless, the story that leaves them starving for more. (Seraph of the End, Unbreakable Machine Doll, Deadman Wonderlan).

Anime is so exciting cause you never know what to expect. There are so many genres, so many different worlds, so much fun to be had. Whatever you're in the mood for, there's always an anime for.

Another reason why I like anime is because I can sometimes relate to how a character in the anime or manga is feeling. For example, Ash from Pokemon doesn't waste his time chasing skirt. He moves from region to region, getting different chicks along the way without ever committing to them; I relate in the sense that I too crave no romantic desires.

A big thing I like about anime is the action. The defying gravity, the gore of Elfen Lied, the suspense of Paranoia Agent. In anime you can watch all these great scenes.

Posted March 11th by Jubei
This path is one that I have chosen myself

I’m certain there will be a season 3 of Seraph if the End. If not, I will still be left with questions unanswered. I’m reading the Manga and there’s so much happening.

The only Anime’s I’m not looking forward to watching are the ones with Ecchi in them (Food Wars is the only one I can come up with). I don’t particularly care for that genre. Yaoi is kinda like my little guilty pleasure. But, some of them can be plain out boring. No plot, etc. Loved Dakaichi but there was too much sex involved and I think they over killed it with it. Haven’t watched Ten Count yet or read it. It’s on my TBR. Yuri on Ice was okay. There’s a few others that I can’t remember.

I feel the same way about characters. You can learn a lot from them too. I think writers in YA authors in America can learn a thing or two from Japanese writers.

Edited March 11th by Castrael

I don't think there will be another season, unfortunately. It's been over 3 years since there's been a new episode produced. For some reason, a lot of anime lately has been incomplete and this is just another one.

Looking at Hulu's anime shows, I can't see any that look awful, but of course my perception can change once I start watching them. I like this idea and I will be watching every anime show I can on Hulu, and I'll post my thoughts as I go through them.

I know what you mean about guilty pleasures. Mine is yuri and I've read Bloom into You, Girlfriends, Hana and Hina After School, and Kase-San, and I totally dig the sexual stuff, but the romance stuff I like too. Bloom Into You is definitely hot, and I love them and their relationship so much. Honestly, I'm kind of a romanctic person, despite going my own way. The yuri's I read don't have much explicit content but they have some, but all of the ones I read go beyond the objectification of them that gives it more substance than hentai.

Like in Bloom Into you the reason I loved it is cause it was a unique story; the dynamic between the two main is what's really interesting to me. Their relationship constantly goes from "kinda screwed up" to wholesome and I love that. They managed to make it work.

Yuu's point of view is something I can relate to, the feeling of not being able to fall in love. That's how I feel at 31. But the way it's written with her taking on love is cute and kind.

Nana reminds me of my younger self; she fulfilled her part of making it passionate, the two main characters have great chemistry.

Definitely agree about Japanese. Like Shiga Naoya who's short stories are so good. Banana Yoshimoto has written some good novels too, but her short stories are my favorites. I prefer the older Japanese writers for the most part though. The newer ones are more domesticated, they strayed from the distinctive Japanese style present in writers like Shiga Naoya, Kawabata Yasunari, and Tanizaki Jun'ichro

Posted March 11th by Jubei
This path is one that I have chosen myself

I was thinking of posting my reviews and whatever in the Journal forum and updating from there. I’m using Microsoft Word atm.

I prefer romance imo. A favorite of mine has to be Snow White with the Red Hair. I like a good romance. I always ship the characters who I think belong to together, but can never find the courage to open up their feelings. - totally me. For example; Hak and Yona from Yona of the Dawn

I think after watching Bungo Stray Dogs and becoming a fan of the show, I really dig the use of the character names and it’s abilities from popular literature works. It just worked out so well. Kinda makes me want to read them.

I don’t think I’m going to look forward to Yuri. ._. I think I saw Girlfriends on Crunchyroll. I lean towards Fantasy, Action, and Romance mainly. Not a big fan of horror/thriller like Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul, Parasyte, etc. I do like sports shows. Always had when I was kid, which to this day (30) still surprises me because I hate sports. Gotta love Disney.

Posted March 11th by Castrael

I didn't like one piece. I started watching star blazers 2199. Pretty cool. I'll ditch my Netflix account and subscribe to funimation instead.

Posted March 12th by S.o.h.

My dad loves Star Blazers.

Funimation is okay. It seems to be more popular than a Crunchyroll though. The website runs slow on my iPad.

Posted March 12th by Castrael

I also prefer romance, but the explicit content is just a bonus hahah. I saw Snow White with the Red Hair on Hulu but haven't watched it yet. I've been watching another anime on Hulu that's romantic called Maoyu. It's about a human who marries the king of demons - as it turns out, the king is actually a woman who wants to end the war between humans and demons. It looks similar to Snow White in the settings appear to be the same: in a medieval world with castles and stuff.

I don't like those mangas just cause of the yuri (although it was a plus). I liked the romance of the show, the serious plot, the character development. Bloom Into You didn't even have any fan service; in fact, it emphasizes over fan service. Idk, the main characters felt so real. I related to the characters so much. Since real love is fake, I like a lot of others, have found comfort in retreating to fictional worlds where it does exist.

Parasyte was awesome. I watched a couple of episodes of Attack on Titan on Adult Swim, but I was at a low point in life and couldn't watch such a bleak show.

Sport anime are good. Have you seen Suzuka? It's a sports/romance show that is an accurate depiction of what romance is really like. I like sports anime because they're usually underdog stories like Slam Dunk. They're filled with growth, and if I'm in the mood for a realistic anime, sports are the best to watch.

Girls Last Tour is yuri but it's not explicit and it's a great manga that gets philosophical. Mangas like Bloom Into You and GLT have universal appeal cause even if you're not a lesbian, the way they depict the complexities of romance.

Posted March 12th by Jubei
This path is one that I have chosen myself
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