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Am I doing a conworld? Record-keeping
Posted: Posted April 8th
Edited April 8th by Ceta
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I haven’t done this before... Not sure if it counts!
I’m also drunk, typing on a phone while walking, and way beyond caring, so apologies in advance for typos.

it’s occurring to me that humans have such a strong instinct to preserve / record things. cave paintings, stone tablets, archives, museums and libraries and now we have phones with built in high quality video cameras and we preserve and record so many things.

I was thinking about a revent conversation about evolution and where certain human qualities come from, and how to explain why we would record everything

I can’t think of any other species that co-evolved “recording” instincts anywhere remotely near as strongly as we did

I think it’s something distinct from pure natural selection (though you could argue all of it is part of the drive to leave a legacy).

On a deeper level though I think the human instinct is to preserve because we are aware of our own mortality and so we’re scared of time.

I’ve felt it now, having lost people. I’ve been puzzling about since then this compulsion to record and observe as much evidence that they lived as I can. There’s the desire to cheat death somehow, with records that we lived. It comes up a lot in the stories we tell. The comfort of having left a record, or of having one left to hold.

I wonder how other creatures we share earth with experience time. which of them know that every moment is fleeting? How many wish they could save scraps of time and impressions of the things they loved? It actually seems like many many more species would have evolved an awareness of their mortality (did they?) because what better way to ensure your survival than to know you can die.

Interestingly our abilities to preserve are becoming more and more sophisticated. (you know, cheap cameras these days are so much better at capturing pictures than the best of all cameras back when).

It makes me wonder, from the perspective of an occasional sci-fi writer, about how some super-hyper-advanced alien species out there in the universe could have perfected the art of preservation. What would that look like? What would that mean? would it be indistinguishable from resurrection?

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Are you a wizard?

Posted April 8th by Ceta
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A lot of what makes us human is the ability to pass on information from one generation to the next. Other animals can do that to some degree, but not to the gigantic extent that we do -- which is why we're able to make huge leaps in technology with very little changes to our genes.

Being smart isn't enough -- other animals are plenty smart and creative enough to advance technologically (looking at you, octopuses) but they lack the ability to effectively pass that information on to other members of the species. Meanwhile, animals good at passing on information (such as eusocial animals like ants or bees) are really fucking dumb individually.

I had a point to this post but it's late, I'll get back to it tomorrow.

Posted April 9th by Xhin
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I hope I get to read more about your builtworld!

Posted April 19th by chiarizio
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