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Am i bejbg irrational?
Posted: Posted June 9th
Edited June 10th by ceta
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it’s so fucked up????? to feel negative toward someone for not being sad????

Posted June 9th by ceta
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I think that it is an understandable reaction in general, though you're being a little frantic here.

When someone displays an emotional unavailability like that, it's very unattractive. When it's towards someone like sus, it's downright crushing.

but I’m ina state, feeling a little like I’m the only

lne who thinks about him at Ll.

I think about him.

Posted June 9th by Cruinn-Annuin
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I think about him, too. I actually talked to him in private on Skype a couple years back. We talked about Modest Mouse, one of my favorite bands (nobody else on this site seems to like Modest Mouse, but he did).

Posted June 9th by Laxan
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I think your feeling on it is understandable. But try to keep in mind that people experience things like grief in different ways. I don't know this person, and either way I wouldn't be able to say for sure, but some people do respond to stuff like this by kind of shutting down, or trying to ignore a tragic or traumatic thing. Maybe this person is just cold and shitty, but maybe this is just the way that they process grief and trauma, and they'll have to work through that.

And yeah, I also think of sus, even though I never had a particularly close relationship.

Posted June 9th by Jet Presto
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You guys are the best. Thank you so much. Your comments really helped me out this morning.

you're being a little frantic here.

Haha that’s honestly such a gentle way to tell me I was being hysterical. I appreciate it, thanks.
And thanks for understanding and empathizing.

@Laxan – Thank you for sharing that with me. It makes me happy that you two were able to bond over a shared interest, and that you still have the memory. :)

@Jet Presto – You’re literally an angel. Never change. Or do if you want to; I’m not the boss of you. That’s a good point to raise. I’m not going to comment on the subject of this post anymore, because in the cold light of sobriety it seems like kind of a dick move to have made this post.

For the record, when I was talking to him, I didn’t feel angry. I just wanted to understand, and I was very sad.

Thanks again guys. Sorry about the mess.

Posted June 9th by Cetasaurus
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Formerly KM8
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