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All Reqs w/ Detailed Descriptions
Posted: Posted February 17th, 2016
Edited February 17th, 2016 by Vandy

I saw this post on Reddit and thought it was nice to see all of the descriptions. I have seen a lot of the names but never knew exactly what they did. Credit to user/TheRedPaint on Reddit!


(Rarity-REQ Level)
(C)Common (U)Uncommon (R)Rare (UR)Ultra Rare (URM)Ultra Rare Mythic (L)Legendary (LM)Legendary Mythic)

Beam Rifles

Sword of the Faithful(UR-6)- Very hard to make overheat, consumes 7 ammo per shot. Not sure what "enhanced hipfire accuracy" does (It doesn't seem to do anything). Can headshot now, so it's way better! Rating: A

Krith's left hand (L-7)- Fires a burst, consumes 7 ammo per shot. If any part of the burst hits the head, it kills. This can bypass improved shields as well, if you hit with multiple shots from the burst. Overheats at the standard rate, so don't get carried away. Rating: A+

Binary Rifles

Retina of the Mind's Eye (UR-6)- Twice the magazine size, twice the starting ammo. Rating: A

Twin Jewels of Maethrillian (L-7)- has the same ammo clip as a normal binary rifle (2) but each pull of the trigger releases two beams that fork out from each other instead of one straight beam. The beam lasts longer and the recoil is increased, making it ineffective against people. Very good at killing bosses, specifically warden. Firing makes a really cool noise. Comes with some extra ammo. Rating: B


Closed Fist (U-2)- Just a strict upgrade. Fires very quickly, is a 4-shot kill. Think a homing BR with very limited range, extended if using smartlink. Awesome weapon for its level. Rating: A (early game)

Open hand (R-3)- Fires swarm bolts that kind of fan out. It needs some space to work, but is a 3-shot kill. VERY good weapon. Oddly enough, it doesn't rumble the controller when fired while not using smart-link. Smart-link considerably increases range, so in direct combat it's helpful to "quickscope" with it. Seems to do extra damage to bosses, specifically Warden (though this is probably because it seeks weak spots). If you fire at a ghost, the shots will fly over and hit the driver. Rating: A+


Rain of Oblivion (UC-4) Has a 20 round magazine, and a significantly faster fire rate when full auto. Kills in 7 shots, as is the standard, but has pretty significant recoil. Not really worth calling in unless you don't have anything better. (Rating - B)

Blood of Suban (R-5) Has a 20 round mag. Needles supercombine in any materials (including hunters, vehicles, and warden eternal), and it only takes 5 needles to cause a supercombination. Incredibly powerful, especially when teamshooting with 2+ of them. Interestingly, the shots are extremely quiet, though they still make you show up on radar. I think it would be really cool if this weapon was considered silenced. Rating: S

Energy Swords

Ravening Sliver (R-3)- Faster swing speed, faster draw speed, faster speed boost than normal. Think the halo 2 energy sword. Rating: A

Vorpal Talon (UR-4) - Gives two thruster boosts per charge and increased thruster hangtime, which basically lets you hover in place for about ten seconds. It also lets you keep your motion tracker while using smartlink, which is nice. Interestingly, when you run out of ammo these auxiliary effects stop working. I recommend Camo and upgraded thrusters with this thing because you do NOT want to give it to the enemy. Using boost 1 starts the recharge, and boost 2 resets the recharge. So, your boost will start recharging after the first use but if you use the second boost the timer will reset. Rating: A

Prophet's Bane (LM-6) - Increased movespeed, longer lunge range in smartlink (it's really far), active camo while wielded. Note that camo fades considerably while moving, as it does with any other sword. If using advanced sensors, the movespeed boost will make you show up. In other words, crouch. Rating: S+

Fuel Rod Cannons

Light of Urs (R-5)- Projectiles fly faster (therefore straighter) and deal more damage. Has 1 extra magazine. Rating: B

Pool of Radiance (UR-5) - Slower firing speed. Projectiles create multiple explosions that deal pretty good damage, but not great. Rating: B

Gauss Turrets

Gauss Turret (L-5)- One hit kill, comes with 9 ammo. Rating: A

ONI Gauss Turret (L-6)- Creates mini-explosions on impact. Rating: A

Hydra Launchers

Typhon (R-5) - Just a strict upgrade to reload speed and damage. Has one extra magazine. Less recoil, but who gives a damn about that when it locks on? Rating: B

Echidna (UR-7) - Its shots EMP vehicles. Extremely good against scorpions and wraiths, as by firing slowly you can keep them permastunned. Has nearly triple the lockon range, allowing you to be very, very annoying. Rating: S-

Incineration Cannons

River of Light (UR-7) - Charged shot fires six normal shots in a row. Excellent for securing legendaries and just going ape, but I prefer the standard's burst damage for securing warden. Rating: A

Heartseeker (L-8) - the standard shot fires tracking rounds. Two kill a person, and as long as you don't get swarmed you'll be on a frenzy in no time considering that it has ten shots of two. Short range though. Rating: S-


Barbed Lance (UR-5) - Actually worth calling in. It fires at full speed while zoomed in, though firing speed outside of zoom is seemingly unchanged. Extended mag, and therefore more starting ammo. Rating: A-

Dying Star (L-6) - Fires standard light rifle shots that stick to targets, then detonate about 0.5 seconds after impact. Two direct hits kill, three nearby explosions kill. Magazine size of 8. Try it with a damage boost! Rating: S


Whispered Truth (URM-5) - Basically a silenced BR that fires magnum bullets and gives you a movespeed boost. 2 bursts to kill. Rating: S


Hailstorm (UC-3) - Increased tracking, crystals move faster and seem to deal more damage allowing kills without supercombination. Very strong early-game weapon. Rating: S

Talon of the Lost (R-4) - Can supercombine in anything. Sounds great, but it actually is just a base needler with that effect. Not worth it in 90% of cases, but is fantastic against ghosts. Seems to do very little damage to the vehicle itself, allowing you to steal it after a kill. Now that blood of Suban exists, this weapon is barely worth using. Rating: B

Plasma Casters

Scourge of Fire (R-4) - Fires two grenades per normal shot. Charge is unchanged. Really good on warzone assault or for clearing out bases. Rating: A- (A+ on Warzone Assault)

White Scar (UR-5) - Says it proximity detonates on normal shot, but I haven't noticed any difference. Charged shot is really bad. It takes something like ten seconds to detonate normally, acting as a proximity mine. Sounds great, but it glows bright pink so nobody will ever walk over it, and when they do it detonates at the wrong time and doesn't cause any damage. The needler fragmentation effect doesn't seem to do anything cool or useful. Rating: B-

Plasma Pistols

Spitfire (UC-3) - Consumes less ammo per overcharge, has faster rate of fire and overheats less quickly if you decide for some reason to shoot it normally. Rating: B

Void's Tear (R-4) - This thing doesn't fuck around. Can hold a charge forever, homes like crazy, and creates a black hole on impact. The black hole deals enough damage on collapse to kill an unshielded player, so it is effectively a one hit kill if they don't have thrusters available.
The black hole will also suck everything in, as black holes (and your mom) tend to do, effectively allowing you to hold people in place for you or teammates to headshot. Because they can't move. This also makes the vehicle EMP duration longer, and will flip smaller vehicles on collapse. Rating: S for Savage


Whiplash (UC-4) - This thing is possibly the best weapon you can get at REQ 4. It's like a railgun with two shots per magazine (comes with 6 extra shots down from 10), has a faster charge and airburst fuses. So even if you miss, you'll hit. The airburst on this thing is very generous. Arguably one of the best weapons in the game. Rating: S+

Arclight (R-5) - It's the standard railgun, but you can hold it forever. It also does considerably more damage to vehicles. Compared to the whiplash it's a pool noodle, but it is good at securing bosses. Very useful for stealing warthogs. Oddly enough, seems to do more damage than a spartan laser. Rating: A

Rocket Launchers

Ad Victoriam (R-6) - Fires three rockets with airburst fuses in a spread like this |/. If you use smartlink, you can laser guide them around corners. It's really good. Rating: A+
High 5 (UR-7) - Locks on like the hydra launcher. on shot it fires one rocket that splits into 5, but the damage is the same as a rocket so it's still usable in the classic "jump and shoot the ground" way. Has infinite lockon range, which is really, really fun. Rating: S

SPNKR-EM (R-6) Has four rockets per reload, and a nice fast firing rate. Locks onto air and ground vehicles, but pace your shots against banshees because they'll just somersault forever and dodge everything while your team fails to BR them. Rating: A+

SPNKR-EX (UR-7) Rockets make a cool sound and explode into clusterbombs on impact. I actually really don't like this weapon - It's good at a distance, because the cluster explosions might pick you up a lucky kill once in 5 shots, but the radius and delay are both so large they basically don't do anything except damage the user. It says they're laser-guided (like the Ad Victoriam) but it doesn't work. It's still powerful because it's a rocket launcher, but as far as they go i'd actually rather use the standard. Its only plus is that it comes with 6 or 8 shots, i forget how many but it's more than 4. Rating: B-

SPNKR Prime (LM-8) Comes with ten shots. Rockets travel absurdly fast and lock onto vehicles. They seem to deal more damage as well. The best part is that the rockets travel so fast that banshees and phaetons don't actually have time to react before they get fucked up. Grants increased shields, boost to movespeed, and increased jump height. I like to combine this with the increased shields perk, as they do stack. Rating: S+

Rocket Pod Turrets

Rocket Pod Turret (UR-5) - Now that I've used these, I must say I'm quite surprised. The standard turret fires three rockets, starting with 24 shots, allowing for 8 salvos. It's a bit awkward to handle, but it's extremely good for defense. Rating: A- (defense) D (offense)

ONI Rocket Pod Turret (L-5) - This one is a bit out of left field. It fires a salvo of six missiles that move extremely fast, about twice the speed of the rocket launcher. Unfortunately, it still only comes with 24 shots, but holy shit can you make them count. Incredible for its cost. Rating: S+ (Defense) A- (Offense)


Appetite for Destruction (UC-6) - It's the normal SAW with stabilizers, rapid fire, and extended magazine. It's good, but it should be level 5. Rating: A-

The Answer (R-6) - Basically turns you into an ONI hog. Kills in 7-8 shots, 6 if using damage boost. Absolutely shreds vehicles, and the lower rate of fire doesn't matter at all. Get a friend to give it to you while you use a damage boost and overshield and enjoy the ride. It costs $400,000 to fire this weapon for 12 seconds. Possibly THE best weapon in the game, barring mythics. Rating: S+


Loathsome Thing (UR-4) - It's got more damage, ammo, and a faster rate of fire. The damage on this stupid piece of garbage is abysmal. It's got a clip size of ten and a faster rate of fire, but what good is that when it takes three shots to kill at a range where the standard would kill in one? Actual trash, sell immediately. If I random these, I drop them on the ground because an SMG is unquestionably better. Rating: D

Didact's Signet (L-5) - Homes in like it's a needler once it's bounced and has an effective kill range rivaled only by the Blaze of Glory (About 1 armory across). Rating: S


Lawgiver (UC-3) - Better damage, accuracy, and rate of fire. Very festive. Rating: B+

Blaze of Glory (R-4) - Crazy range, about 20 feet or one armory for a one shot kill. Reloads in one shell, and boasts kinetic tip so it's good against vehicles. Rating: S

Oathsworn (URM-5) - Basically a Lawgiver and a Speed Boost. Nowhere near as good as the Blaze of Glory.

Sniper Rifles

End of the Line (R-6) - Fires faster, no recoil, less damage. Basically the same as the standard rifle, but doesn't kill people who are slightly weakened.. Rating: B

Arrow of Time (UR-7) - Doesn't descope when shot, has a magazine size of 6 and as such comes with 12 extra bullets Apparently this was OP and needed a nerf, as now it only comes with 6 extra. Extra Recoil, but it's not much. Rating: B+

Nornfang (LM-7) - Gives you a damage boost while active, making you a big red target. One shot kill to the body, and grants motion tracker while zoomed. Appears to have more bullet magnetism than standard snipers, as well as dealing more damage to vehicles (though this could be because of the damage boost). Comes with 12 extra shots. Rating: S+

Spartan Lasers

End Game (UR-6) - Deals less damage, but has more battery, charges and cools down faster. 8 shots, half the charge time. Its damage drawback is negligible because it always takes two lasers to kill a vehicle now. Rating: A-

Selene's Lance (L-7) - Charges very quickly, has a longer laser, more battery, insane recoil and cooldown time (it's like 3 seconds), and the targeting laser deals damage. I don't like that the targeting laser deals damage personally, because it deals so little that all it serves to do is warn people they're about to get wrecked. It's difficult to control the beam because of its duration, but most of it is spent about 10 degrees up of where you aim, so aim for the bottom of the vehicle. Deals enough damage that it actually feels useful. Rating: S-

Splinter Turrets

Splinter Turret (R-3) - Has a lot of ammo, 30 shots. It's alright, but very good for defense. 4 shots kills an ultra ghost, two kill a spartan. Rating: B

Chaingun Turrets

Chaingun Turret (C-2) - It's a warthog turret. 250 rounds. Rating: A

ONI Chaingun Turret (UR-5) - It never overheats and fires explosive rounds. It's The Answer that doesn't have to reload, but it makes you slow. Too costly. Rating: B

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The Armor Classes go as follows: Stock, Sword, Ultra for covenant, Stock, Corp, Camos (Urban, woodland, tundra), ONI for UNSC.

(Rarity-REQ Level)
(C)Common (U)Uncommon (R)Rare (UR)Ultra Rare (URM)Ultra Rare Mythic (L)Legendary (LM)Legendary Mythic)


Regular, Sword - (R-6)
Ultra - (UR-7)
The Sword Banshee has slightly more armor and a different coloring than the standard, but is otherwise the same. The armor increase is significant enough to make them a considerably better choice than a standard. The Ultra Banshee has a much faster firing fuel rod that explodes multiple times, and presumably increased damage to its standard plasma cannons.

Gauss Warthogs

Regular, Corp (UR-7)
Urban, Woodland, Tundra (L-7)
ONI (L-8)

The Gauss Hog seems to have more armor than the standard hog, in addition to its gun being a one-shot kill. The ONI turret causes mini explosions that come out of the standard shot's point of impact, increasing effectiveness against vehicles.


Normal, Sword (UC-3)
Ultra (R-4)

Normal and Sword ghosts are great for running over early neutral objectives as well as circling around the enemy base, getting one splatter, flipping yourself over and dying. Their guns are actually very powerful as well.
The Ultra ghost has WAY too much armor, and has slower firing cannons. It fires explosive blasts that shake your screen like crazy, it's really annoying to be shot at by.
All Ghosts are weak in the fuel container and from the back and sides. With the ultra ghost, it will actually fall very quickly from the sides or back. When under fire, always back out of there with front facing gunfire.


Standard (C-3)
Corp (UC-3)
Urban, Woodland, Tundra (R-3)
ONI (R-4)

Gungeese handle awkwardly in combat, but are fantastic siege weapons. Their guns are a two shot kill to any spartan, and fire two grenades. How convenient! What's more convenient is that while sitting on the back, you get infinite grenades. Have fun defending the core on Warzone Assault, just pray your allies don't get on and kidnap you.

The ONI Gungoose's grenades bounce most of the time, allowing you to fire around corners. It's a side-grade of sorts because it requires you to be more accurate if engaging head-on. Non-ONI Gungoose grenades have impact explosions, which I personally prefer. Armor is pretty much irrelevant on these babies because of how exposed you are.

Awkward to use, but extremely powerful for their cost.


Normal, Corp (UR-7)
Urban, Woodland, Tundra (L-7)
ONI (L-8)

Very fast and easy to control, but prone to staggering from concussive force. Standard Mantis gun overheats like a warthog turret, and the rockets don't seem that great for anything other than anti-personnel. They lock onto air targets. The machine gun is ridiculously inaccurate as well as weak. Up close it's great, but at a distance you are basically just tickling their chin.

The ONI Mantis' gun seems to be the same. It has more armor, and its rockets can lock on to multiple targets at once and are very good at heat seeking. If you lock on to someone with the missiles, they are dead.


Normal (L-8)

Very fragile, yet extremely powerful. VTOL, has dual suppressor cannons and heatseeking missiles. The missiles lock onto ground and air vehicles, and the suppressor cannons home into everything as well as doing absurd damage.

Its weak spot is on its underside, so personally i like to fly very low in the phaeton - After all, it paints a big "kill me" target on you.

Rocket Warthogs

Standard, Corp (UR-6)
Urban, Woodland, Tundra (L-6)
ONI (L-7)

Treat it as a close range or seige weapon. Do not use it in the same way you would a standard hog, because you will be killed. Drive slowly, and lock down enemy escape routes and choke points. Can lock onto air vehicles after a three second wait, but it doesn't matter because they'll just evade anyway. Why does the phaeton have an evasion cooldown, but the banshee doesn't?

The ONI variant is useful only for its armor. It can lock onto ground targets as well as the standard air lock on that normal rocket hogs have, but this is nearly useless. The ONI rockets seem to do more damage as well. Interestingly enough, the ONI rocket pod is incredible - One pod (warthogs have two) fires six rockets per shot that move VERY quickly. If the oni rocket hog had these... Game changer.


Standard, Corp (R-6)
Urban, Woodland, Tundra (UR-6)
ONI (L-7)

It's a tank. You can use the splash damage to safely kill the core. ONI Variant is pretty much only vulnerable to boarding, and its cannon fires almost twice as fast. Turret is WILDLY inaccurate, and only exists to mess with people trying to board you. It's way easier to board from the back, so keep that in mind while driving.
Oddly enough, Woodland sells for 200.

Scout Hogs

All (C-1)

Like a better mongoose. The ONI one specifically has absurd armor, very good for securing early objectives by running them over. Oddly enough, you can't get people to board into the back.


Normal, Corp (C-2)
Urban, Woodland, Tundra (UC-2)
ONI (R-3)

ONI hog fires explosive rounds, never overheats, and has about the same armor as a scorpion, if not more. If you have a good gunner and driver, enjoy your free win as they circle the Garage/Spire/Monument.

Unless absolutely necessary (or you have a plasma pistol), don't get into a Warthog's side seat. Gunners use this to dive for cover while being shot at, and they can't do it if your fat ass is in the way.

If the enemy has an ONI hog and you want it, don't use a plasma pistol - Use a railgun and aim for the driver. Often you'll kill both occupants without even scraping the hog, especially with the whiplash or arclight.


Normal, Sword (UC-5)
Ultra (R-6)

Wraiths are immune to boarding because they splatter everyone who tries. If the planets align and you do get boarded from behind, just keep backing up and the explosion will kill them.

Ultra Wraith features cluster shots that split into three on impact as well as very heavy armor.
Wraiths are the only vehicles that can splatter Knights. Have fun with that.


Advanced Sensors

Rating: S++
Rarity: Common

Easily the most versatile armor mod. Increases motion tracker range to 40M, allows its use while scoped, allows you to see crouching opponents, and removes your dot from enemy radar unless you travel above walking speed either via speed boost, sprint, or sword speed boost. It's worth noting that you'll still ping on the radar occasionally; once when you spawn in, and when your player model impacts certain terrain pieces (like a slightly raised rock, for example). Amazing in tanks.

The only reason to not use this is if you're doing one of four things. 1) Counter-sniping 2 or more snipers 2) Using 4 Speed Boosts 3) Using a power weapon where stealth is irrelevant 3) Using Active Camo.

When using Advanced Sensors with the Lawn Dart assassination, play this.


Rating: A
Rarity: Common

Increases Shield and Health Recharge rate. Useful if you're in a vehicle, especially a warthog (gun or drive), banshee, or mantis.

Upgraded Shields

Rating: A+
Rarity: Uncommon

Gives you SLIGHTLY more shielding, allowing survival of an energy bayonet hit, and a sniper headshot. Pretty useful when sniping, the only things that will oneshot you are the Nornfang, Binary Rifle, and Krith's Left Hand (technically a 2 shot).

Frag Grenade Expert

Rating: C
Rarity: Rare

Gives you one more frag on spawn. That's it. I think it lets you carry 4 as well. Use it if you want, then switch to a better ability. Can be good when assaulting an armory.

Reflex Enhancers

Rating: B
Rarity: Rare

You reload faster and can reload while sprinting. Clamber speed is increased as well. Not great, but not bad. Better when using a SAW .

Splinter Grenade Expert

Rating: B-
Rarity: Rare

Spawns you with a splinter grenade and allows you to carry 3 or 4. Rated higher than frags because splinter grenades are great for area denial as well as EMPing vehicles. Usefulness goes up when under seige by a scorpion, as one well-places splinter grenade will end that.

Plasma Grenade Expert

Rating: D
Rarity: Ultra Rare

Spawns you with 1 plasma, and allows you to carry 3 or 4. Useful for farming commendations, but otherwise not worth the time it takes to equip.

Speed Booster

Rating: A+
Rarity: Ultra Rare

Basically it's like having a speed boost on all the time. Very nice quality-of-life upgrade, and extremely useful when you GOTTA GO FAST.

Upgraded Thrusters

Rating: A (Without Vorpal Talon) A+ (With Vorpal Talon)
Rarity: Ultra Rare

Slightly reduced cooldown on thruster evade, faster sprint speed, and allows you to recharge shields while sprinting. This might not seem like a big deal, but it is. Remember in halo reach how sprinting was fair and balanced?
Awesome if you're using the lean green killin' machine, the Vorpal Talon. Then it basically makes you mega-simian maximum strength powergliding Bokunks.

Increased Strength

Rating: C-

Rarity: Legendary Extra melee and Spartan Charge damage. Your Spartan Charge has extra range.
The range increase is about 50%, but don't be fooled - it tosses enemies further. Your actual dash range is unchanged. Not a one hit kill.

When using an energy bayonet, kills people with upgraded shields in 1 punch.


Active Camo, Damage Boost, and Speed boost all last 1, 2, or 3 minutes depending on which one you use. Overshield decays slower depending on which one you use - Overshield 3 is the one you pick up in arena. Personally I think 3 shouldn't decay at all, because then it would be worth using.

Posted February 17th, 2016 by Vandy

I am giving up on the bronze strategy. There have been too many times where I get 3 packs in a row with pure crap. At least with Silver I know I will get something and maybe even something good!

Posted February 25th, 2016 by Vandy
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