All forum indexes switched to hottest (with indicators); a setting to revert this or make it replies
Posted: Posted February 18th
Edited February 18th by Xhin
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All forum indexes now show the Hottest mode as default (where new replies will "bump" old threads) instead of the newest threads in order like GT has for the last 20 years.

The site also tracks the last post you viewed on a thread, so if you haven't viewed the newest reply to a thread, you get a cyan background around the icon:

Unfortunately it didn't track this before so everything is going to start out cyan but after a couple weeks it'll be working the way it's supposed to.

Since thread views are based on account, if you're not logged in you won't get any cyan icons at all.

Should be very useful for keeping track of threads inside a forum without manually changing to &mode=hot. Should also make the forums feel somewhat more alive, and keep older posts from dying due to their threads falling off the first page.

A setting to revert this

Given the fact that GT has been the other way for 20 years, I added an option in the User CP: Site Settings panel to revert this:

You can also switch this to "Newest Replies" if you'd prefer that on all forums instead.

Lastly, you can just add &mode=new to any forum index manually.

Other Stuff

  • Stickies have the cyan background appropriately in hottest again. Not sure when they broke (or if they were ever fixed)

  • The Newest | Replies | Hottest links still do what you'd think they would.

  • The "List Type" option on the Search feature (formerly the "Filter" feature) has been renamed "Feed Type" and is also a set of radio boxes instead of a drop-down.

  • I'm aware that some dates are showing up as 1969 -- I'll look into those. Report any other bugs you find as well.

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    Thank you for the My Active feature!!! That is probably the best thing to ever happen to GT in 20 years! I can go to one place and have all the threads I'm commenting on in there!

    Posted February 19th by mariomguy
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    ^yes, thanks Xhin. good idea. made me sign in, haha :)

    Posted February 23rd by Ophelia
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