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Posted: Posted January 25th
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This game is basically a text adventure without any limits whatsoever. Instead of an engine, it has a very sophisicated text predictor AI sitting on the other side. I believe there's a web version of it, but I've been using the app myself.

If you don't mind roleplaying a bit, and you also can ignore some occasional stupidity or loops on the AI's part, you'll find a very engaging open world that lets you solve whatever the main quest is (it seems to change depending on your actions) and side quests in whatever way you see fit. If you're less serious, you can also do really outlandish things and the AI will just roll with it and give you some new ideas to work with.

I like the fantasy setting best, so 99% of my games happen there. Some of my adventures include:

  • A noble who resurrected as a vampire then resurrected as a lich when his vampire form was killed. During his lives, he acquired multiple wives and children which he used to lead his armies to conquer the world. At the end of it all, he waited for a hero to show up to defeat him, but there were no heroes left because he had become too powerful, so his only choice was to destroy himself. This time he resurrected as a human with no special powers and decided it was better his way.

  • A knight who the princess would only marry if he gave up his sword, so he learned to play the lute. He went back in time and learned to play powerful dragon songs. This actually ended up working better for him than a sword -- he was able to use it to charm people into helping him, using it to turn foes into friends, and eventually it helped him defeat the Great Lich Lord.

  • An alcoholic womanizing knight who enjoys punching and/or kicking every man he comes across, including the king, great scholars and old men sitting in chairs. Ever since he met Elana the priestess in a room dedicated to theoretical mathematics, he's also been trying to track down philosophical works by Gorgoth about something known as "The Great Chain of Being". Lately though, the towns have been scarce of alcohol, books and people and he's decided he needs to do something about the Imperials who are causing all this destruction.

  • A rogue who flies off the handle for very slight annoyances at everyone except his orc friend Grolik. For example, he beat up a courier for interrupting his meal and refusing to get to the point. More recently he's come across a Sorceress who says it's okay to be angry sometimes because it keeps you alive and is teaching him magic.

  • A narcoleptic ranger who gains a taste for human flesh while looting some corpses. As his cannibalism intensifies, so does his fire magic. Eventually this leads him into enslaving the world with his ever-strengthening fire magic and starting a far-reaching religious cult based around Dorna, the goddess of fire. He enventually becomes consumed by the flames in a literal sense when he sacrifices himself to make his fire empire endure forever.

  • A ranger who starts out as a deer hunter but studies culinary arts on the side and eventually becomes the king's personal chef, as well as having a little side business where he distributes delicious deer meat (venison I guess) to everyone in the kingdom.

  • A powerful wizard who casts spells to make himself stronger and better in every way. He eventually achieves immortality and becomes one with the universe. He spends an eternity creating planets with interesting people on them, until one day he finds one that he really likes so decides to go down to it in his human form to explore. The inhabitants immediately kill him.

  • A weak wizard whose only good power is turning into a ghost after he dies. He dies almost immediately, and had several close calls before that. With a lot of time and effort, he learns how to manipulate physical objects as a ghost and eventually creates a new body for himself out of clay. He's currently trying to figure out how to make his digestive system work properly so he can eat without becoming either nauseous or ravenously hungry.

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    I've played this a little. I actually got into it through the Alternative Hentai community on 4chan, who have s penchant for..."extreme" adventure. The engine can be persuaded to be lewd with relatively little provocation, though it does like violence more than sex. If and when it gets trained on a wider base, it should be more flexible.

    Posted January 26th by 9x19
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    Yeah I tried that direction too. I had to back down a bit with my sexual suggestions because the game dialed it up to 11 way way too fast.

    I think it does just generally do whatever you want it to do though, giving you new stuff to work with all the time. It's not perfect by any means, but I like it a lot.

    Posted January 26th by Xhin
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    Many people on 4chan reported more realistic results (less tendency to take narrative left turns) when they used the app version and tuned down some of the variables. I think I'm going to experiment more with it soon.

    Posted January 26th by 9x19
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    That sounds pretty interesting, actually. I'll definitely have to check it out.

    Posted January 26th by Axem Great Water
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    ignore some occasional stupidity or loops on the AI's part

    So I gave it a go and this just got in the way too much for me. My first attempt at running this was a as a ranger I was hunting deer. I fired an arrow that somehow hit me in my own arm and then simultaneously also killed the deer. Another example being a post-apocalyptic setting where I was shot by a guy who wanted all my money, he then became a gang of people somehow without any explanation (the AI acted as if it had always been the case) and then despite demanding all my money, when I refused, they just walked away. There were also instances where it has clearly learned responses from other players, as it will provided a fairly detailed description of something, but because it's so detailed it won't necessarily match up with what was going on in your game.

    This all seemed to happen way more than I was willing to forgive and thus just ruined the story for me. It's an interesting concept and if the AI was smarter I would definitely give it a go.

    Posted January 27th by Moonray
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