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Accounts and User CP Guide (includes MyCard)
Posted: Posted August 13th, 2015
Edited August 14th, 2015 by Moonray
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What is this dumb guide?

I've noticed a lot of people are unaware of the User CP and all of its features. This guide aims to explain how to access it, what each feature does and how to use them. I will endeavour to update it as Xhin adds & changes features so that it reflects the latest version of GTX0.

Please note, in order to access any of this in the first place you must have an account. With an account you gain access to the following features:

  • The chatbox on streams.
  • Quick access to multiple usernames.
  • On-site games such as Mafia and Adventure.
  • Private messaging.
  • Avatars via the MyCard feature.
  • More stuff I am probably forgetting :)

    To create an account (for free) go to this page: http://gtx0.com/register.php
    Note: Accounts are not a requirement, you can create a username and post at any time.


  • Help I can't remember my account password!

    Post in either [Dispute Resolution] or [Help] and an admin will help you get back into your account :)

  • I changed my password, but my account/username isn't working!

    Account logins are stored separately from usernames. So whilst you can have your account & username share the same name & password, if you were to change the password on one it does not automatically change the password for the other.

  • What's the difference between an account and a username exactly?

    Your account is more like a container for everything you do on the site. It stores all of your usernames. All of your settings. By contrast a username is simply a name you use to make a post. As the site evolves to include more modern features, your account will become more and more useful.

  • What is a primary username?

    Your primary username is your default username. It is the name that will appear next to all of your posts unless you intentionally post under another name.

  • What is an altname?

    An "Alternative Username". It's basically another username that you have saved for quick access, so that you don't have to retype its password every time.

  • How do I change my colour in the stream chat window?

    Scroll down to Chapter 5 of this guide!

  • How do I send private messages to people?

    Scroll down to Chapter 8 of this guide!

  • I came here for the MyCard guide, where is it!

    Scroll down to Chapter 12 (the final chapter).


  • Chapter 1 - What is it and where do I find it?
  • Chapter 2 - The great and powerful User CP.
  • Chapter 3 - Account Settings
  • Chapter 4 - Altnames
  • Chapter 5 - Post Settings
  • Chapter 6 - Request Viewer
  • Chapter 7 - Contacts
  • Chapter 8 - Notifications
  • Chapter 9 - The chapter that didn't need to exist.
  • Chapter 10 - Costume Wardrobe
  • Chapter 11 - Staff Applications
  • Chapter 12 - MyCard

    Chapter 1 - What is it and where do I find it?

    The User CP is a control panel with various options to customize your experience on the website ranging from alternative names, to visual changes like your costume or avatar (more on those later).

    You can access it by clicking the cog icon at the top left of the website and then click on 'User CP', this menu scrolls with your screen so it will always be at the top left just below your browser's GUI. See the image below if you're unsure what to look for.

    Chapter 2 - The great and powerful User CP.

    As you can see, the User CP is somewhat ugly and filled with some redundant features, or features that simply do not work. Xhin intends to give it an overhaul at some point.

    The control panels are split into categories. "Options" "Tools" and "Special" the fourth category "Go To" is simply links to pages on the site.

    As one might expect, I am going to start at the beginning of the list.

    Chapter 3 - Account Settings

    The first section of this panel allows you to change your account password. Simply enter your account username and then the desired password once & then a second time to confirm you typed it how you want it. Hit "Save Changes" and your password will change.

    The second section allows you to define your primary username. This is also available in the 'Altnames' panel we'll be covering next. However to make it work here, just type in the correct username & password and then the username will be added to your account and set as the primary username. Remember to click "Save Changes" or it won't do anything :)

    What is a primary usernmane you ask? Well it's your default username. It is the name that will appear next to your posts unless you intentionally select another, or set up an automated username which we'll be covering in chapter 4.

    Chapter 4 - Altnames

    As I have altnames saved, this was too big to fit into one screenshot. Therefore I am going to split it into a few images to best explain it.

    This first section shows all of your saved usernames. I believe looking at this brand new, you should always see at least one username in here (that being your primary username).

    The first column lists the usernames. The second and third columns allow you to enter & confirm a new password, the button to save this new password is right at the bottom of the panel so don't forget to click it.

    The fourth column allows you to remove an altname from your account. Note: This does not delete the username so it will still be usable if you remember what its user/password were, it simply removes it from your quick list when making a post. Using the option next to it you can quickly swap which username is primary. As above, remember to click "Save Changes" for both of these options to take effect.

    The final column lets you specify if you want it as your default username in a specific part of the site (a forum, or post). This is much easier to do from within a forum or post, but this gives you another way to do it without having to make a post/reply.

    The next section beneath that shows which posts you have setup to automatically use a specific altname (username). As you can see in my image, I have several set up in RP posts using the altname (username) for the specific character involved. This simply makes life easier, as I no longer have to remember to swap username every time I make a reply.

    Beneath that you have the same basic thing, only this time by forum. As you can see, I prefer to go by "Redack" in the Jedi Sith forum and therefore I have it setup to just automatically use that name.

    The only option you have for these two sections is to remove the setting. This will stop it from automatically changing your name and future posts you make will use your primary username (unless you pick to post under a different name).

    The final section allows you to add a new altname, with a third option (that is optional) to specify where you want to automatically use that name. As always, remember to click "Save Changes" for all of these options otherwise they don't apply :)

    Chapter 5 - Post Settings

    This is where we start to see some remnants of old features. The "Avatar" option has been replaced with MyCard (which will be covered later in this guide).

    "Thread Signature" adds a signature underneath your username whenever you create a new post. It does not attach to replies. Here is an example of the feature:

    Note the line of text just above the post title. This feature also supports some formatting tags, such as scrolling (for a full guide on those see: [p89326])

    "Background color of my Posts:" not only uses the horrible American spelling of colour, but also currently does nothing as of the MyCard/Replies update. It used to change the highlight colour for your replies (which defaults at a blueish colour).

    "Stream Feature message color:" allows you to set the colour your name & text appears in when talking in the stream feature's chatbox. It uses hex codes.

    Chapter 6 - Request Viewer

    This screen shows when and where you made a specific type of request. As you can see in my image, I made a request for an emoticon August 13th (the day I am writing this) and have made Contact Type requests earlier this year. This is useful if you want verification that your mod application or image request actually went through.

    Chapter 7 - Contacts

    Unfortunately there is currently no way to access this information, so adding things in here does nothing (as of writing this).

    As you can see however. In here you can fill in your contact details, when this feature was working this was then available in a list of all users contact details.

    At the bottom of the panel you can request a new type of Contact, which the admin team can then review and add to the list if appropriate. As with all these panels, remember to hit "Save Changes" if you input anything.

    Chapter 8 - Notifications

    First of all. What are notifications? Well if you're asking this writer they're a horrible alternative to private messages and should be upgraded immediately... But essentially they are private messages that only the recipient will be able to read. (Disclaimer: Admins are capable of logging into accounts and can view these when doing so, however we only do this when a user requests it & will keep what we see confidential).

    The first feature to note on this panel is the filter. With no filter, you will see every account that exists. Filtering for staff will show all Mod and Admin accounts only. Filtering for Mafia will show only those currently playing Mafia. With that out of the way, let's go on to how to use it.

    As you can see in the image, the first column has the account name. It is important to note that this is the account name and NOT the username, so if someone is using a different username to their account name you may have difficulty finding them. Also if they don't have an account they will now show up in this list.

    The second column is where your message goes. Be warned there is currently a character limit in place (appears to be 105 characters). Currently fox tags do not work in notifications.

    When you have typed your message. Just click send. Be warned however, you must do one at a time. If you type messages for more than one user and click send, it will only send the message to the user you clicked send on. The others will not be sent and you'll have to retype their messages.

    Something many are unaware of is that if you make a post with the title @[account name] then it will send a notification to that account informing them that there is a post directed at them. Unfortunately it does not tell them where the post is. Also note it must be their account name and not their username, for example with me if you did @Moonray nothing would happen. My account is Redack, so if you do @Redack in the title then it will send me a notification.

    Finally. Whenever you receive a notification they will be visible by clicking on the exclamation mark icon at the top left of the website.

    Chapter 9 - The chapter that didn't need to exist.

    So the next row down in the list of panels, as you may have noticed, is a row of links to pages on the site. "Home" will take you to gtx0.com, "Newest Posts" and "Newest Replies" will take you to their respective pages on the site. These are simply there as an easy way to escape the User CP.

    Chapter 10 - Costume Wardrobe

    This feature usually only gets enabled for Halloween and Christmas, however you can work on customising it at any time during the year. What it does is disguise your primary username (you can see which one that is on the panel as it says "Costume for [username]".

    The first option in here lets you pick an image to display on either side of your username. Ideally you should pick a small icon sized image as using a large high res image will probably result in it loading in slow and potentially not looking too good once shrunk down (the site will auto shrink it).

    The second option is a background colour. You can use one of the pre-set colours OR type in a hex code to put a custom colour in. This is the colour that appears behind your costume.

    The third option is a border, as above you may pick a pre-set colour or use a hex code to specify your own.

    The fourth option is the colour of your text. Same rules as the previous two apply.

    The final option is your "Costume Name". This is what your name will be changed to display as while the feature is enabled.

    Remember to click "Save Costume" or else all changes are lost! One final thing to note is at the bottom you get a preview of what your costume will look like, however if you click save changes a bug causes it to stop displaying the images. Don't worry however, as long as they appeared before you clicked save changes then they will appear when you make posts :)

    Chapter 11 - Staff Applications

    On this panel you can apply for staff positions. As you can see there are a variety of types of position, many of which may or may not apply as the site develops. We will always announce when we plan to do staff hirings, it is better to apply when we announce these hirings as we may assume old applications are no longer relevant. We may not always use this panel to do hirings either.

    Chapter 12 - MyCard

    First of all. WTF is a MyCard? It is basically GTX0's version of avatars. There are different options for customisation that I will go into in this guide.

    When you first click on MyCard you are presented with a list of your usernames. Click the create button next to the username you want to create a MyCard for.

    You're then presented with three options, we'll start with the simplest one that is labelled "The Glorious".

    This one is really simple. Just find an image you want to use and place the URL into the box, when you're done click submit and it'll save.

    The size of the image will be: 300 x 135

    For the best results you should crop an existing image, or find an image that closely resembles that ratio. If you do not you may find your image squashed or stretched.

    I'll now explain "The Slim".

    As you can see this one has more features to it. As before you still have your main image, only this time it is slightly thinner (size will go here when I have it).

    Below this you also have the option to add four icons. As noted on the page they will be resized to 24x24 so you should ideally find something already similar to that size. As with the main image place the URLs into the boxes on the left. In the boxes on the right you can add text, this will appear when you hover over the icons. Animated GIFs currently work in these slots.

    If you do not place any icons in, then the space on the right of the MyCard will remain empty. It fills up from the bottom as you add new icons.

    Remember to click submit when finished.

    Finally on to "The Profound"

    Same as the previous two. Input a URL for an image into the "Main Image" box (image size to go here). This will be your avatar.

    Next, you may enter some theme text. This text appears to the right of the avatar and above the icons.

    Finally. As with the main image you can place URLs to images into the three boxes on the left. Note, these will be resized to 32 x 32 so you should ideally find something close to that size for the best results. Animated GIFs currently work in these slots. In the right boxes you can enter text that will appear when you hover over the icons.

    When finished click submit and it'll save :)

    End of guide

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    I'll try to take some time tonight to integrate this into the site as well.

    Posted August 13th, 2015 by Xhin
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    NOTE: you don't have to enter your existing password to change your account password.. you instead enter your new password twice.

    Posted August 13th, 2015 by Xhin
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    Oops. I'd edit it but, you know, you broke editing the OP.

    Posted August 13th, 2015 by Moonray
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    This is a good guide, for a while I was thinking of writing one for moderator tools, but if you or whoever has the time and patience to peruse the various idiosyncrasies of those tools and document them then you're free to do that too.

    Posted August 14th, 2015 by LLight
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    I've been considering it for a while and with the school being off I get a load of time off too because can't support a school with no one in it!

    Posted August 14th, 2015 by Moonray
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    The only thing I've noticed is the images seem to stop working at times (on my end).

    Ideally it'd be cool if I could get them hosted on GTX0 instead of relying on other sites.

    Hint hint.

    Posted August 14th, 2015 by Moonray
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    A mod guide would be awesome!

    Posted August 16th, 2015 by Xhin
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    Great job. Great guide.

    Posted August 16th, 2015 by chiefsonny
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