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Abridged shows
Posted: Posted December 15th, 2017 by -Riku-

While Little Kuriboh may have started this type of web show, I'd be hesitant to say he's the best. For the past 11 years many have tried their hand at this. The following are ones that I like the most

Dragonball Z abridged-TeamFourStar: If you haven't heard of these guys, then I have to wonder how. IMO, these guys are the best, tied with one other channel! They've done the Raditz arc all the way to Goku vs Cell, plus several movies and two recaps of DBZ Kai. They've also done FF7 Machinma and it's hilarious.

SAO Abridged-SomethingWittyEntertainment: This is the only abridged series that I think is on par with DBZA. SAO original is filled with an overpowered Gary Stu for a main character, a badass waifu who becomes nothing more than a damsel in distress or a glorified cheerleader, and a best friend character who does nothing of importance. SWE takes these characters, as well as many others, and rewrites them and the story in a completely new way. Kirito is turned into a sociopathic asshole who mocks everyone, acts like he's better than everyone, and has actual character development. Asuna is also a sociopath, but is willing to pretend to be nice to other people if it means furthering her own goals. Kle- I mean Ballsdeep69 actually contributes towards Kirito's arc in that concludes in the final episode of the first season. Even plot holes such as Sacchi's gang being lured by an obvious trap is written to be believable because most of her guild are all NPCs. Check these guys out!

F/ST UBW abridged- BlazingAzureCrow: I can't say a whole lot for this group since they only have three episodes out, but those three episodes are golden. Rin was a great character in the UBW anime, but this version of her is all about doing whatever it takes to win the grail with no remorse or empathy. She truly believes her servant to be Lucifer, makes no attempts to hide that she wants Baber (Saber) for herself, has no qualms about killing Shirou, and constantly refers to the Holy Grail War as Murder Death Kill. This series also makes references to the events of Fate/Zero and Archer even has flashbacks to the Fate route (or so I'm told). Again, I can't say too much because they've only just started this series, but I could see it being on par with the other 2

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