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I admit, what I said in the video game forum was unwarranted, and I apologize.

But I think it's hypocritical that Nullfather, who has also unwarrantedly attacked me on this site numerous times in the past, gets to delete my comments pointing this out to him, because he's now an admin. Maybe I also want to become an admin so I can delete all the times he has attacked me. Is Gametalk now going to cover up his hypocrisy by allowing him to do this?

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Rules are not enforced retroactively.

If you have a problem with me moving forward, please let me know what I can do to fix it.

Posted June 19th by nullfather

He was appointed to a staff position and is doing his job. (Extremely well) Not going to fault him for carrying out his duties when those before him failed to enforce the rules. People change. You should learn from Nul.

Acknowledging that you were wrong and apologizing was a small step in the right direction.

Edited June 19th by s.o.h.

I say give GC/MS admin power and let this play out.

Posted June 19th by Agis

Thank you gc/ms, I forgive you. And btw it was vandy wjo deleted a few of replies because I messaged him on Facebook chat telling him the response you gave after initially offending chat. So both vandy and nullfather deleted them. They are doing their job. If they deleted a reply that was not offending anyone then you would have a point in your claim but your responses to my post were demeaning and were deleted for those very reasons. Please don’t act like knuckles who repeatedly bitched about nullfaher and just recently took a vacation from the site again. Leave nullfather alone for now because he did NOTHING WRONG by deleting responses that were blatantly offensive and demeaning me with and thus is all of your fault which you finally acknowledged and apologized for saying those abrasive comments that you said towards me.

Please heed what SOH said regarding your matters with nullfather and listen to what nullfather said also and follow through with their advice.

Edited June 19th by weid man

No need to repeat what he said, weid. He apologized for it.

Posted June 19th by Fox Forever

Brandy asked me what gc/ma said to me so I was trying to explain to her what he said to me. Apparently brandy’s reply got deleted and you can delete mine as well. I’m not gonna pick a fight I am done with this matter. Let’s just leave each other alone here and stop attacking one another. This matter is all resolved here. Let’s all be friends like this site is intended to be made for.

Edited June 19th by Weid man

Hear hear.

Posted June 19th by Fox Forever

Also vandy tagged my last reply that I made before you replied to tell me to not pick s fight with gx/ms Fox, not nullfather.

Edited June 19th by weid man
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