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A Little Worried for the series
Posted: Posted October 6th, 2016 by ZeoSpark

It's almost the end of this year, to be honest, the Mario series hasn't really fared well game-wise. Definitely one of the best Mario games that were created ever recently was Super Mario Maker and that was released over a year ago. However, there are certain games in a certain series that I worry for and I'll go over the main ones.

Mario Party series: Let's face it, there isn't much to salvage of the Mario Party series if Nintendo continues to due the rather dull "travel together as one"gimmick for the console games and a "race to the finish"gimmick for the handhelds. Remember in the past Mario Party games where it was about buying stars and winning mini-games at the end of each turn? That's pretty much dead now. Mario Party: Star Rush is the next game and that mode with the Toads collecting characters reminds me of Smash Tour from Smash for Wii U and I HATE that mode. Unfortunately, unless Nintendo suddenly makes a change back to the classic style of play, there is not much salavging of the series. Doesn't help that Mario Party 10 (the most recent Mario Party game) is voted one of the worst Mario Party games in the series.

Paper Mario series: Oh no. Not an popular RPG of the Mario series. Paper Mario is one of my favorite RPGs ever and I enjoyed the first two games. Super Paper Mario wasn't bad as it definitely has the best story but I didn't much like the gameplay that made it way too easy. Then we get to one of the biggest "Guide Dang It" games around: Paper Mario: Sticker Star. That game can be fun if you're using a guide...but the point you need a game guide just to complete a game is just awful. It doesn't help it takes away a lot of Paper Mario's RPG elements where even Super Paper Mario kept. Bowser was pretty bland as an antagonist as well. Paper Mario: Color Splash gets released tomorrow but, to be honest, I won't be getting this game since one of my friends who actually has this game already says it isn't worth it. I'll be saving that money for Pokemon Moon next month.

Mario & Luigi series: Yet another RPG series that started off good but ends up failing at the end. The M&L series tends to be a hit or a miss for the most of it. Superstar Saga - a hit. Partners in Time - a miss (mainly due to the special move usage). Bowser's Inside Story - a hit. Dream Team - sorta in between. Paper Jam - a definite miss. What I mainly love about the M&L series is the unique story and each game has their on unique story...except for Paper Jam where it's just two Bowser's trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Nothing really interesting there. I mean, I know it's like the main focus of the series but when you go from a bean witch trying to rule over a different kingdom, to an alien Toad race trying to take over the past and present, to a dimented bean guy trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom with an anicent evil, to an evil bat king trying to rule over a distant kingdom, down to two Bowser's trying to kidnap Peaches and take over the Mushroom Kingdom, you know Nintendo has run out of ideas. I meant to say that this is the same for Sticker Star and Color Splash. Come on Nintendo! You can do better than that!

That's basically the three main series I was covering. It's sad how Nintendo doesn't listen to the fans when they want to continue doing what they want to do. I'm still a diehard fan of Nintendo...for their older games...however, I am looking forward to Pokemon Moon and Super Mario Maker for 3DS coming soon. With the NX coming soon as well, Nintendo better get it in gear because I don't want these series to die. Mario Kart may be next...

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I agree about the Paper Mario series. The first three were awesome, I tried playing Sticker Star but quit before the first boss (Megasparkle Goomba). I'm not sure about Color Splash, I've been watching playthrough videos but I'm not sure if it has the "finite attack" limitation that Sticker Star has. (I'll be asking about that)

As for Mario & Luigi, I thought all of them were good, except Paper Jam coz I haven't played it, I watched some videos of it and decided it wasn't really worth it, I already have four decent Mario & Luigi's each with a unique villain which used to be a trend in Mario & Luigi, but isn't anymore coz in Paper Jam, it's Bowser, just like in every Super Mario series game except Super Mario Bros. 2 and the Super Mario Land and Luigi's Mansion titles.

Posted October 11th, 2016 by Giga Bytes7

Oh, and if we're counting spinoffs here, Mario & Sonic? As far as I know the only good game is London 2012 (and even it's not perfect, but still quite enjoyable). Though I've only played it and the first one, and researched Rio 2016 which had a lot of potential, but threw it away after teasing us about Roy, Ludwig, Rosalina, Wave, Espio, and especially Eggman Nega

I have a feeling Nintendo's calling the shots for Mario & Sonic games and not Sega, because as far as I know their last decent games were Super Mario Maker, Hyrule Warriors, Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Which weren't just decent, they're downright awesome, but then they just lost it, around the same time they cut off all outside contact so we can't email them

Posted October 11th, 2016 by Giga Bytes7

All right, so Bowser and the Koopalings are still alive, but there is no indication he was evil before he became possessed by the black paint, so I'll say in my headcanon that Paper Jam, in which he is obviously evil on his own, is set BEFORE Super Paper Mario, that he actually reforms there (nearly sacrificed himself to save the Mario Bros., Peach, and O'Chunks, and didn't turn on the Mario Bros. once Dimentio was dead and the world was saved).

So, now Bowser's free of the black paint, perhaps he "learned his lesson this time", and maybe taught the Koopalings to be good not evil. And I don't have to keep track of any more Paper Marios and wonder what happens next. I'll also disregard Sticker Star.

As for his Mario & Luigi counterpart, I'll say, unless the next game is decent, Mario and Luigi killed him in their final, unseen battle at the postcredits scene.

Posted October 11th, 2016 by Giga Bytes7

bowser is immortal hth

Posted October 11th, 2016 by Pirate_Ninja

Which is why Mario and Luigi had to turn him giant to save him from being crushed by his castle.

Also, he unambiguously died in New Super Mario Bros., until Bowser Jr. resurrected him

Posted October 12th, 2016 by Giga Bytes7

(Deleted - I nearly mentioned one game on there, but not only was it before some awesome games like Mario Kart 8, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought)

Edited December 26th, 2016 by Giga Bytes7
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