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A dedication to Lewis Lovhaug aka Linkara
Posted: Posted January 15th, 2018 by -Riku-

Lewis Lovhaug is an internet reviewer who reviews comics for a living. For the past 10 years, he has been doing a show called "Atop the Fourth Wall" with the tagline "Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where bad comics burn" and I have been a big fan of his for nearly the entirety of his show's history. I didn't become a fan until around 2009 after having seen him on the Nostalgia Critic a few times. I looked up his show on the TGWTG website, started watching his reviews, and became a fan almost instantly. What initially piqued my interest was that he was a comic reviewer, which I had never encountered before and his style of comedy. I was a casual fan of comics and most of knowledge of characters and stories came from secondhand sources such as word of mouth and animated tv shows. After a short time I came to realize he was doing more than reviewing bad comics and making jokes, he was creating his own story arcs every year.

This is what REALLY drew me into the show and made me such a huge fan. His ability to weave a narrative plot into his show was very unique and the stories he wrote were often better than the ones you'd see in a television show or big budget Hollywood movie. His enemies ranged from a metalic android from another universe, to Silent Hill characters, and even a being who can CONSUME universes. His first two stories and decently told and provide some action sequences which don't hold up all that well. It wasn't until the summer of 2010 where Lewis stepped up his game in terms of story writing. It was this storyline that introduced us to Lord Vyce, conqueror of worlds and universes. This marked a turning point in the show as the stories got darker and the stakes were constantly raised. Not only was did the story give us Vyce, but it also explained the origins of Linkara's magic gun, laid the groundwork for the next storyline AND gave Linkara his best weapon yet, Vyce's ship (later christened Comicron 1). Vyce was a true threat that wasn't easily beaten and is one that returns time and time again, but his presence always makes Linkara afraid of what he has planned.

The third story arc is entitled "A Piece of the World is Missing" and it introduced both the Entity and Nimuei, the A.I. Linkara programmed to run Comicron 1. This story takes about a year to complete and the final two episodes bring the Entity into full light as Linkara figures out its identity after connecting the dots left by the poem in the Absent Grimoire, found during the previous story's Silent Hill episodes. I remember when Lewis created the trailer for his October 2011 reviews. I remember trying to think of what the Entity could be and what the poem meant. I was in shock by the reveal of the Entity being and realized what all the clues meant. I stayed up for as long as I could on Halloween of 2011 waiting for the arc's finale to drop. I went to Lewis's twitter page to see if the episode had been delayed for whatever reason and he said it probably wouldn't come out until the following day due to the glitch effects he had to due for the Entity's eyes. To this day, I still believe this is Lewis's best work, second only to The Sleepwalker story arc that ended fall of last year.

So, what makes me love this online series more than any other show? It's Lewis himself. His sense of humor makes me laugh more than any comedy I've ever seen and he even uses references as jokes (i.e. a Dr. Cox video if someone in a comic says something COMPLETELY stupid). He's also a complete dork when it comes to the stuff he loves and he makes no apologies for it. He frequently shows off his love for Star Trek, Doctor Who, Power Rangers, Pokemon, MST3K, Scrubs and so much more and it's this attitude that's helped me through my life.

I've always been a nerd. I've been a fan of Power Rangers, Pokemon, Digimon, and all those other types of shows for as long as they've been around and I used to hide it. I grew up knowing that it wasn't very grown up to watch those kinds of shows or to want to buy toys from those shows, but this man showed me it was okay. He showed me you CAN be a nerd who loves things and not care what other people think. Here is a guy on the internet who reviews comics for a living, writes storylines that are on par if not better than what Hollywood comes up with, and he's a fan of the same things I like. Because of this, I've broken out of my shell, so to speak, and openly display memorabilia about Pokemon, Digimon, Power Rangers, Avatar, My Little Pony, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and all other kinds of stuff.

I tried to make this more about what impact Lewis and his show have had on my life over the past 9 years, but I also wanted to give a brief glimpse into some of the stories of this show. If you want to give his show a chance, he has his own website as well as his own youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/reuisu and www.atopthefourthwall.com). Lewis also has two other shows he does on the side. One is Longbox of the Damned, in which the ghoul Moarte briefly explains the plot of a horror comic/manga and gives his own opinion of. The other his History of Power Rangers where Lewis goes through each season of Power Rangers and goes over the story in detail, talks about character development, overall themes, his opinion on the suits and zords, and stuff like that.

These words go out to Lewis. Thank you for the past 9 years of great content. Thank you for the laughs, the tears, the chills, and the excitement of all you've done. Congratulations on this October being your 10 anniversary and here's to another 10+!

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this is the trailer for the Entity arc finale in 2011. I find this trailer to be more terrifying than any of the horror trailers Hollywood has come up with in the past 10+ years.

Posted January 15th, 2018 by -Riku-
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