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A couple more things I've been working on
Posted: Posted March 24th, 2018 by Xhin

Custom Machine actions

This would let you set custom actions for individual machines -- ex you might get "shoot portal mouth here" instead of "press button with [portal gun mouth]" which makes less sense.

Custom Actions

This would let you create actual custom actions that do custom things via the Events system and the same technology as Sorcery/Tech. So you could create for example:

  • Infect [X]

    And set X to be "characters in my room". This would then run the event "add trait to character (Infected, #target)".

    Custom Actions can be limited and added the same way regular actions can -- via the AA panel, via amulets, or through a new system where Conditions influence the Actions a character has available.

    Additionally, these custom actions can tie into the Experience system, allowing you to show Player Statistics and build Skills around them..


    This adds a new Machine type -- the Console. Consoles can have a number of Functions attached to them.

    Functions show information to the player. Like the Events and Conditions systems, there's a lot this system can do, for example:

  • Display a list of Rooms where characters with the trait Alien are present.

  • Show the items that the Hivemind has.

  • Count the number of Aliens present in the current room.

    Since it's a Machine, it follows standard Machine limitations, the ability to become an item, etc.

    Battle Environment

    This is probably more of a future v7 update. Basically it allows you to add fixtures that are only present during Battles. They can be tied to either combatant, the room, or maybe some set of Conditions.

    These Fixtures can be interacted with mid-Battle to influence it. For example you might have Rock piles that you could collapse to deal an enemy additional damage, and the enemy itself might generate those Rock piles.

    There's still quite a bit of stuff to work out here, so it's probably a stretch goal for the Combat Update.

  • settingsOptions
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    Leveling plugin

    This introduces more of a hardcoded alternative to the Skills plugin (which does whatever you want it to do). Characters have "XP" and "Level" stats.

    XP can be gained through beating Foes (specialized panel for that), hooked into the Experience system, and/or being given through the Events system.

    You can then set formulas that dictate when XP translates into new Levels.. for example every 100XP could be supported, but you could also make it scale 50xp every level (so level 2 takes 100xp and level 3 takes another 150xp) or you could scale it based on a percentage (say 50%), which would look like:

  • Level 1 -- 0
  • Level 2 -- 100
  • Level 3 -- 150
  • Level 4 -- 225
  • Level 5 -- 337

    Levels can influence a player's stats in a similar optionally scaling way, so maybe you want each new level to add +10% attack, +5% defense, +300 health, etc.

    Levels can then be tied into other stuff via the Conditions system.. maybe making certain items or actions available at higher levels.

    Actual leveling mechanics are set on a Conditions basis, which allows for a lot of flexibility -- maybe Aliens level one way and Humans another way. But you can also use Conditions to influence things.. like maybe if you're in a certain room you gain an extra +2 attack when you level up, or having a certain item will make you gain +10% Mana. These buffs can override other buffs or just get added to them. Maybe you actually Level *down* during a blood moon. Maybe players need half as much XP across the board during a Sunstorm.

  • Posted March 24th, 2018 by Xhin
    Fractal icious
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