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A big batch of invisible NIFE updates
Posted: Posted March 25th, 2018
Edited March 25th, 2018 by Xhin

I've been working pretty hard this weekend, but literally none of this is visible to anyone except me:

  • I've gotten all the panel functions and property read/write functions documented on paper. This took a while to do, but it should speed up the plugin making process A LOT -- I made a pretty big panel today and it only took like 30 minutes, so that's a good sign. There's a lot of useful shortcuts that I've added over the last year, so it's good to know what all of them are and be able to reference their syntax easily.

  • I made a Plugin Maker Panel. This lets me add plugins to NIFE easier, alter their descriptions, and it also lets me alter title colors and action colors on the fly with a nice preview. Should speed up the visual aspects of plugin making a lot.

  • I've been working on the Quick Deploy Checklist. Still have to migrate some stuff into the plugin maker panel. This feature will ultimately make new features integrate better into old features.

  • I set up an autoloader in the main adventure class. This shaves off like maybe 30 seconds, which isn't much but it does make making new plugins less of a hassle, and it shaves off a bunch of time for making new systems.

  • I made a "Work" panel. This thing lets me organize the various upcoming features of NIFE pretty well and add notes to them. I've got a giant mobile-friendly textarea in place, so I'm going to start working there on my work breaks instead of posting stuff on the Roadmap forum.

    I ran out of time on it, but eventually it should auto-generate checklists and be visible to people that aren't me, also I want more integration with the site and want to let other people request stuff.

    I've got another short weekend in two days. My priorities are improving the work panel and trying to finish off the deployment tasks (not much left now) and continue trying to move towards NIFE alpha.

    After I get all the deployment stuff done, I'll probably take a break and make some v6 plugins. The process should be sped up pretty considerably. :)

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