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09/11/2001 WE REMEMBER

"Fear is the foundation of most governments." - John Adams

"My family is more important than my party." - Zell Miller

7.1 earthquake strikes Peru killing two and injuring 65.
Posted: Posted January 14th by Weid magnitude
SOH areylu scarednke for the next big one? Does anyone else here live in Cali besides us two? I love like two hours west of the San Andreas fault but on ancient faults which are predicted to erupt and rupture all of San Diego county.

Is there any way that we can prevent faults from erupting and keep the pacific plate stationary?

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With our technology today, there's no way to stop earth quake so. I wonder how many of our buildings nowadays are resistant specifically for earth quakes.

Posted January 14th by ShadowFox08

That’s right I forgot that you’re in the Bay Area. Did you feel that earthquake a few years ago that was centered in Napa? Is there a way to build a house that is resistant to earthquakes? I wonder which one is built for tighter strictlon resistance. California’s infrastructures for earthquake proof or florsa’s infrastructure for hurricane proof.

Posted January 14th by Weid man
Weid man
Reply to: 7.1 earthquake strikes Peru killing two and injuring 65.

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