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2019 will be a better year [Xhin update]
Posted: Posted January 7th
Edited January 7th by Xhin

I've been taking an extended break from gtx0 to focus on irl issues. Here's how that is going:

  • I have a job that with the commute time basically goes me 12-hour workdays, 4 days per week. The jobs I do there suck, but it pays reasonably well for unskilled labor so I have some money saved up for getting a place to live near wherever my next job is.

  • I've been pouring a lot of work into a couple smaller projects to try and build some kind of portfolio to show that I can actually develop web projects. At the moment I have two of these done, a third mostly done and the last project somewhere in the middle. The overall goal is to aim for a job in my field, which I should at least be starting to put in applications by the end of january.


    I've given gtx0 a lot of thought while on my extended break. One of the things that stands out is the enormous amount of time and stress that I've sunk into it over the years. More recently it's been the fear and eventual acceptance of the community fragmenting / leaving. Overall I've just had a really unhealthy relationship with it. So, my goals for the site look like this:

  • Permanently deprioritize gtx0 as anything other than a long-running interesting project. Mostly this means spending time on projects other than gtx0.

  • Revive the existing userbase. I don't think this would be particularly hard -- a lot of lurking is just waiting for someone to post something interesting, so a few good-quality posts can have a domino effect. I also want to reach out to former GTers that I'm networked with.

  • Do something with NIFE. The back-end and hosting panels are solid, but the player interface is a mess and not geared towards any particular advertising campaign. So my plan is to drastically simplify things and create a few smaller interfaces for the different directions I'm trying to go in. I also need to set up game instancing in some capacity and have walkthroughs for content makers, but nothing else beyond that is actually important because the engine and feature list is really solid.

  • Continue to clean and continue especially to de-gimmickify gtx0. The idea is to move it away from a clusterfuck of random ideas and programming challenges and towards a competent platform for gaming and/or talking. If I want gimmicks I can build them independently and stick them in my github portfolio. The site needs to work and do what you expect it to do.

  • Start absorbing other communities or at the very least getting in talks with them. Making *some* progress is better than the nothing of 2009-2018.

    Hopefully 2019 will be a better year all around.

  • There are 3 Replies

    What's the new job? What job do you want?

    Posted January 7th by EN

    There's no MLP on that list :(

    Posted January 7th by mariomguy

    Agreed, I need to do the MLP thing at some point.

    Posted January 18th by Xhin
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